Thrasher: Skate and Destroy

Room of Blue:
     To  get  into  the room of blue, skate towards the big half pipe.
When  you  are  about  half way up the pipe, skate left into the wall.
This  will put you into the blue room, if you do it right it will take
you  to  the very top of the level where you can pull of f some insane

Escape the Cops:
     To Get away from the cops easily, skate around without starting a
run  and  go  to  the  front of the court house (there should be steps
leading  to a building with a single ramp on the left) and look at the
cement  squares  that have grass mounted in them. Ther e should be one
with  a  brown  ramp on it. You can start your run now but dont forget
the  ramps location.When the music volume starts getting lower, (Early
sign  of  cops!) go to the front of the cour house.Wait for the cop to
drop  his  doughnut  and  head  for  the ramp.Ollie onto the grass and
quickly  hold the ollie button again.Let go at the tip of the ramp and
you  should  land on the building. Slam on your brake so you dont roll
off  of it.The cop will keep on making threats and telling you to come
down  but  ig  nore  him.After  twenty seconds,he will pass out from a
heart attack and your run will be over.

Extra points:
     Pause  and hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 then press Circle repetitively.
Each  time  you press Circle your points will increase by 5,000. NOTE:
this only works during a run.

Swimming pool fun:
     On  the  court house level there should be a ramp with a fence in
front  of  it.  You  can  ollie  off  the ramp and over the fence. The
swimming  pool is over there. To get out just go on the other side and
ollie off the ramp to get back to the level.

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