Test Drive 6

Cheat codes:

$6,000,000:                       Enter AKJGQ as a name. 
All cars:                         Enter DFGY as a name. 
All tracks:                       Enter ERDRTH as a name. 
All quick tracks:                 Enter CVCVBM as a name. 
Shorter tracks:                   Enter QTFHYF as a name. 
All challenges:                   Enter OPIOP as a name. 
Disable checkpoints:              Enter FFOEMIT as a name. 
Enable checkpoint times again:    Enter NOEMIT as a name. 
Stop The Bomber mode:             Enter RFGTR as a name. 
No quick race tracks:             Enter OCVCVBM as a name. 

Stop The Bomber mode:
     In  cop  chase  mode,  if  you catch all the speeders on all five
tracks  -  Paris,  Rome, New York, Hong Kong and London - then it will
open "Stop The Bomber" game mode.

Car preview:
     Hold  L1  + R1 when purchasing a car or selecting one out of your
garage to use the D-pad to move it in any direction.

Stay on track:
     When you are going around a sharp corner at high speeds, you will
often go off of the track and lose speed and risk of losing your place
in the race. To prevent this, simply let off the gas completely at the
middle  of  the corner until you start to skid. Do not panic. When you
start  to  skid,  accelerate  again  and  you  should  regain control.
Straighten  yourself out and you can get to your top speed faster than
if maintained the same speed throughout the entire turn.

Money trick:
     When  getting in 3rd,2nd, or 1st in tourment you get money right?
Well,  you  get  get that same money again without racing other races!
After  getting  the money, get to the screen before it asks you if you
want to save. Go back and get the monwey again and again!!!

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