Tales of Destiny

Use unknown magic:
     Note: Save the game before using this code since it may cause the
game  to  freeze  or  act  erratically.  Enter the magic menu during a
battle  and  continuously tap Up. The pointer will eventually enter an
area of the screen that will allow magic that has not been learned yet
to be selected.

Multi-player mode:
     Collect a Channel Ring and equip it on the character below Stahn.
Press  Select  on  controller  two  to  use  that port to control that
character.  Note:  Repeat  this  code  on other characters to use more
controllers  and a multi-tap to control up to four characters manually
in the game.

Infinite Gold:
     To  do this trick you need Philia to be at a high enough level to
have  the  special  that  acts  as a R.Bottle.Go to a place that sells
apples,  buy  as  many  as you can, then use that special to turn them
into W.apples then to jams that are WORTH TEN TIMES AS MUCH as much as
apples. Sell those off and buy more apples. Repeat as desired.

Secret Ending:
     To see the concluding dialogue, defeat Leon in Harmentz village.

Blue Dragon Summon Disc:
Here's how to get the Blue Dragon summon disc: 

     1. In Cloudius, once you've beaten Baruk, search his chair before
you leave to find an Egg.

     2.  Once the Aethersphere covers the whole world, take the egg to
Lilith  in  Linea. She will beg for Stahn to give it to her. Being the
kind-hearted soul you are, Stahn will give it to her.

     3.  After  a  certain  amount  of time has passed, when you enter
Stahn's  house  an  event  will occur in which a baby blue dragon will
hatch from the egg.

     4. Feed the baby dragon all 4 Goumets (A-D) and it will become an
adult dragon and give you the Blue Dragon Disc!

Helios Passwords:
     Type  in  GIFT or OGRE for items at Helios. Use the password FATE
to get through the door.

Get the BC Rod:
     To  get the BC Rod, go to Walt's house late in the game. (The guy
you  sold  the  Old  Cane  to.)  Go  into  Walt's room, and search the
dresser.  You  will  find  the  Old  Cane. Use a R. Bottle or Philia's
ability "Identify" and you will get the BC Rod.

Secret Lens Shop:
     The  secret  lens  shop  is  located on a small white island just
south  from  Hermez village. Just walk to the forest and you will find

Secret Seed Shop:
     On  the coast west of Junkland, there's hidden seed shop. You can
use Draconis to go there.

Getting Karyl's last "Golden Voice":
     Go  to Karyl's house after the place in the sky is totally formed
and  Radosal  was  destroyed  by the lens cannon. Your party will meet
Karyl's  friend,  Sakuraba.  If Karyl is in the party, he will suggest
Sakuraba  play  a  song  on his piano. After Sakuraba has finished his
song,  Karyl  will try to sing a tune. After some bad sounds by Karyl,
he will learn his last special "Golden Voice".

Better equipment in Darilsheid Castle:
     The  first  time  you  are in Darilsheid castle, you can get some
items and equipment from two little armories. Return to the rooms when
the aethersphere starts to form to find new and better equipment.

free items from the secret seed shop:
     Go to the secret seed shop and buy something, keep talking to the
shopkeeper  and  he  will  eventually  lower the price till it becomes

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