Syphon Filter

All Weapons and Infinite Ammo:
     Pause  the  game  and  highlight the Weapons menu. Press and hold
Right + L2 + R2 + Circle + Square + X

Level Select:
     Pause  the  game.  Go into the Options menu. Highlight the Select
Mission option. Press and hold Left + L1 + R1 + Select + Square + X

Easier Enemies:
     Pause the game and highlight the MAP entry. Press and hold Right,
R1, L2, X.

Easier Enemies (PAL version):
     Pause the game and highlight the MAP entry. Press and hold Right,
L1, R1, R2, Circle, X.

Harder Game:
     At  the title screen press and hold Left, L1, R2, Select, Square,
Circle, and X.

Harder Game (PAL version):
     Highlight the "New Game" option on the title screen, then hold L1
+ L2 + R2 + Square + Circle + X.

Super Pistol:
     Pause  the game, select WEAPONS and highlight 9MM. Press and hold
Left, R2, Select, L1, Square, and X.

View All Movies:
     Go  to  the  movie  theater  in  the first level. Pause the game,
highlight MAPS, then press and hold Right, L2, R1, and X.

One hit kills:
     Pause game play, highlight the "Silenced 9mm" selection under the
"Weapons"  option,  then  press  Left + L1 + R2 + Select + Square + X.
Gabe  will  say  "Understood"  to confirm correct code entry. A single
shot  anywhere  on  the  body  of  an  enemy  with  any  gun will kill
instantly.  Repeat  the code to disable it. Gabe will say "Damn It" to
confirm  correct  code  entry.  Note:  Pause  game play, highlight the
"Objectives"  option,  then press Right + L1 + R1 + R2 + Circle + X in
the PAL version of the game.

Get backup:
     To  get  backup,  pause  and  press:  Up,  Down,  Square, Square,
Ttriangle and Select. If done correctly you will here "MOVE MOVE MOVE"
and 8 or 10 agents will come.

X-Ray Vision:
     Use the virus scanner to look through walls to see if an enemy is
waiting for you.

Shoot With the Viral Scanner:
     Go  to  the  first warehouse stage near the end of the game. Then
enter  the code for all weapons and infinite ammo. Go to the room were
you  get  the  Viral  Scanner.  Kill  the  guy  after he gives you the
passwords.  Open  up  the  chest  with  the  viral  scanner in it. The
subtitle should say "Viral Scanner Bullets Found". Now leave the room.
You can shoot lights and stuff, but unfortunateley not people.

Different cammo:
     To  get  different cammo just Select Georga St. And kill the guys
that jump over the wall then put in Tobmrader2 and close the cover and
Gabe  will  be wearing a brown and tan suit. But when you die you have
to put Syphon Filter Back In and Restart the Game .



Grenade launcher in level 1:
     Go  out the window in the bar into the back alley. Look up and to
see  two  fire  escapes. Climb onto the dumpster and get onto the fire
escape  opposite  the bar first, then jump up to the pipes and go hand
over hand to the other fire escape. Be careful, because two terrorists
will  run  out to shoot half way across the pipe. After taking care of
them,  drop down onto the fire escape and open the box for the grenade
launcher.  This  makes  the grenade thrower in the subway section much
easier to handle.

Getting through the subway:
     Go  to  the opposite end of the subway after it explodes. Use the
flashlight  on  the  left  of the tracks to find the C-4. Get the C-4,
then  go to the right hand side. Look up to see the upper level. Press
Triangle  to climb onto the red crate. Press Triangle to keep climbing
up  through  the debris until the top is reached. This is the only way
to exit the lower level.

Museum gates:
     Find  the card keys to get through the gates in the museum. Check
all  the  guards  and  people that are killed; they usually carry card
keys.  For the gate in the Rocket Room, shoot the control panel on the
third  level  that  keeps sparking while your character is standing on
the  elevator  to reach to that level. The man with the card key is up

Room 1-3:
     To  open room 1-3, you first have to open the door of the room to
the  left  of the elevator by switching the switch to the right of the
elevator.  That  room  contains  a computer. Approach the computer and
press  Triangle.  The  door to room 1-3 should begin to open. You must
kill three terrorists before entering room 1-3. Each has a flak jacket
and  will  throw  grenades.  Turn  right  to  hide  behind  the  boxes
immediately upon entering the room. The terrorists cannot shoot or use
grenades  because  of the boxes. Be careful, as there is an open space
between the boxes. Use that space to throw a single gas grenade at the
terrorists.  Used  correctly, the single grenade should kill all three
of  the  terrorists. Wait for the gas to clear, then explore the room.
Search  the  spaces  that resemble lockers, and do not forget the flak

Survive burning:
     Quickly  press  Start,  then  press Start again after catching on
fire. You will be hurt, but still alive.

X-ray vision:
     The  virus  scanner may be used to look through the walls to find

CBDC agents turn bad:
     When  playing  the  first stage of Syphon Filter, wait for a CBDC
agent  to  be killed. Once the CBDC agent is dead, approach the corpse
and  shoot  it  in the head a few times. All the CBDC agents will turn
against you. Note: You can not kill the CBDC agents without destroying
the mission.

Adolph Hitler image:
     Move  straight  ahead n the "Warehouse 76" level after getting to
the  first  checkpoint  without getting burned. You will reach a giant
metal  box with a catwalk over the top of it. Climb onto the box, then
onto  the  catwalk,  and run straight ahead. After reaching the end of
the  catwalk,  hop  down onto another giant metal box, kill the guard,
and  look  to  the  right  (or where the guard was running when he saw
you). A large painting of Adolf Hitler's face can be seen.

Dead Lian Xing still speaks:
     In  level  10, Base Tower, you hear Lian Xing being taken away by
Rhoemer  over  Gabe's  earpiece.  Then, when you defeat the helicopter
that  Rhoemer  sends,  a  FMV  sequence will show Gabe jumping off the
tower  and  will reveal that Lian Xing has been killed. Once level 11,
Base Escape, starts, shoot the very first fuel tank that appears. Lian
Xing will say "Gabe, check your fire! If that fuel tank goes the whole
place will go up."

Pit Glitch In Dinorama Stage:
     There is a cool glitch you can activate in the museum level (part
2).  Go  into  the  room  with the model of the T-Rex in it after jump
through  the  glass.  Make sure to kill the gaurds, then shoot out all
the  small lights in the circular pattern above the T-Rex model. After
you  shoot  out  ALL  the lights, go over to the small podium near the
T-Rex'  mouth  and you'll see that where the floor used to be, it will
be all black, i fyou walk into it, you'll fall to your death!! I don't
know if you could get the gaurds to fall into the glitch hole, but its
worth a try.

Get shot by the CBDC agents:
     When there is more than 1 CBDC agents around, let one get killed,
when he is lying on the ground dead manually target him and shoot him.
The live CBDC agents will start shooting you. watch it, they have very
good aim and if you kill them your mission is over.

Rocket Launcher:
     In  the  firat  level  in  the subway when you get in, go to your
right  and kill all the guys. Go into the door farthest back and climb
over  the  boxes, get your flashlight out and a Rocket Launcher (M-79)
will be right there.

When on fire:
     When on fire, procede into a roll and the flame will be out.

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