Easy Money:
     To  gain  near  unlimited  money,  go  to  Marco  and perform the
following  trick. In his cup game, the coins ending position follows a
specific  pattern. The pattern resets itself if you leave the room, or
enter a building and come back. The pattern is as follows.

     Right,  Center,  Center,  Left,  Right, Left, Right, Right, Left,
Center,  Left, Center, Right, Right, Right The pattern continues after
this,  but  after  one  pass  with  bets of 10,000 bits, you will have
earned 150,000 bits, which is usually enough for quite so me time. The
pattern  can  be repeated as often as necessary. Simply leave the room
and  enter again to restart. Note: This pattern only works in Rockland
at the beginning of the game, and not when Marco is recruited and goes
to the island fortress.

Hidden Room:
     Enter  Scarlatica  castle  and search the painting of Milich. You
will find a secret room with lots of goodies.

Perfect Ending:
     The  secret  to  gaining  all  108 characters is keeping Pahn and
Gremio  alive. Here's how to do it. The fight between Pahn and General
Teo  is  not preordained as Pahn's death. To win, make sure Pahn is at
least  level  30 and his weapon is at least level 12. Wh ile fighting,
simply  defend  every turn. You will take minimal damage from attacks,
no  damage  from  defends,  and  Teo  will  be  seriously hurt when he
desperately attacks. To encourage Teo's desperate attacks, try this:

     Say  yes on the first time Mathieu asks if you are ready to fight
your  father. In the battle with Teo's army use magic all three times.
When  Pahn  asks  you  for  permission to fight Teo say, "I'll see you
later"  and  keep  saying  this until Mathieu intervenes and tells you
that tou have more important things to attend to. Wish Pahn good luck.
If  Pahn  lives,  and you get all the other characters, Gremio will be
revived  prior  to  the  last battle. BANG! All 108 characters and the
special ending!

Get the Prosperity Rune:
     (The  rune  that  allows you to receive double the amount of gold
when  slaying  a  monster) In the beginning of the game when it`s only
you  and  Ted,  fight  you  way  to Sarady,trough mt.Tigerwolf. If you
survive  all the way, then ask a old man in a house in uppe r right of
the  town  and  he`ll give you the rune. It`s a good idea to earn some
money to sharpen your weapons and you need armour aswell.

     After you've collected all the paints and given them to the mural
guy,  he  will  give  you  a pair of binoculars. The binoculars are to
change the view while fighting. To do so, you must have 2 controllers.
Change the view with controller 2.

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