Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Cheat mode (Japanese version):
     At  the  title  screen, hold L1 + Select and press Triangle. This
will enable a cheat menu with invincibility and level select.

Level skip:
     Press L1, L1, R2, R2, X, L1, R1.

All weapons:
     Press L1, L2, R2, X, R1.

Underwater lightsaber:
     It  is  possible  to  take  out your lightsaber while underwater.
Press Start, highlight "Weapons" and select the lightsaber.

Debug Mode (American Version):
     To  activate debug mode, highlight Options at the main menu. Then
press:  Triangle,  Circle, Left, L1, R2, Square, Circle, Left. (A tone
confirms  correct  entry.) Hold L1 + Select + Triangle to reveal debug



Hovering man:
     There  is  a  man  that asks for water on the "Escape From Theed"
level  . Either before or after you give him the flask of water, stand
directly  in  front  of him and use the Force. The man should go up in
the  air.  Keep  using the Force to make him go higher. If he gets too
high,  just  jump  and use the Force again. After using this trick, he
will be hovering high above your character.

Character with weapon:
     You  can  make  Qui-Gon  hold  a weapon during the short Podracer
video sequence which starts after completing the Mos Espa arena level,
Press  Start during the video sequence and select weapons. Highlight a
weapon,  press  X, then exit. Qui-gon will be holding that weapon when
the video sequence continues.

     You  can also make the player you are playing hold any weapon you
have  during any video sequence. Press Start and select a weapon. Then
he/she will be holding the weapon during the video sequence.

Mass Coupler:
     In  the  Mos Espa level when you talk to the man that says "Stand
back  I  am  about  to slash... all my prices", he will let you go out
back  to where he keeps his Podracer. Kill him after going back there,
then  return  to  the  street. A Mass Coupler will appear in the place
where  he  was previously standing, even if you did not talk to Anakin

     You  do  not have to follow that man to his Podracer to kill him.
If  you just kill him on the street, you will find the Mass Coupler on
the  ground.  Note:  You  can not complete this level if you kill him.
Everyone will call you a murderer and Anakin will not talk to you.

Tomo on Tatooine:
     In  Tatooine, there's an old woman who asks you to save her child
(Tomo)  from  Captain Neg. Agree to do so, but do not go up the stairs
as  she  suggests -- the security door will kill you. Instead, go back
to  the other house at the top of the stairs. Walk out the window onto
the ledge. Walk to the corner of the ledge, then turn left, and walk a
little  more. Jump up onto the rope, and take it across the road. Jump
onto  the  balcony  and  go  through the house. Walk on the next ledge
until  you hit a dead end, then jump onto the next rope. Jump onto the
balcony,  and  you will be in Captain Neg's house. Go out back to find
two cages, one with Tomo and one with a large creature that breaks out
and tries to kill you. Walk into the alley, and if the monster follows
you  it  will  get stuck and only be able to deal minimal damage. Open
the door and kill the man that is shooting you. Then, go back, get the
kid,  and  take  him  to his mother. She will give you an item that is
useful for trading for the parts you need for Anakin's Pod-Racer.

     When  you  go to rescue Tomo, talk to the 2 girls. They will tell
you  to  get  out  because  it  is Sebulba's private apartment. Do not
listen  to  them  and  go up the stairs. There is a blaster in the far
right  corner.  Once  Qui-Gon  picks it up, a gun will come out of the
floor. Quickly run up the stairs and do the rest to rescue Tomo

Proton Missile Launcher:
     In  the first level, find the section with all the boxes that are
stacked.  There  is  a  small  health  pack  in  a hole where a box is
missing.  Pull  out  the  box  that  is  sticking out to get a thermal
detonator  and  a  health  pack.  Then, pull the box in the back right
corner to find a Proton Missile Launcher.

Thermal detonator:
     On the first level, after you go through the big air vent maze, a
second  floor  will  fall  from  underneath you. Jump over it to get a
thermal detonator.

     On the first level, after getting out of the poison gas room, you
will  reach  an intersection and Battle Droids will shoot at you. Face
them, then turn right. You will find a storage compartment with a palm
panel next to it. Hit the palm panel to get a blaster. Then go back to
the  intersection  and  turn  left.  You  will  find  another  storage
compartment. Hit the palm panel and a thermal detonator will appear.

Flash grenades:
     On  the  Mos  Espa level, after the video sequence, go around the
Royal Starship to find some flash grenades.

Light repeating blaster:
     On  the Coruscant level, after the video sequence, go back to the
Royal  Starship  and  to  get a heavy blaster. If you walk around, you
will also find a light repeating blaster.

Heavy repeating cannon:
     On the Mos Espa level, follow the Jawas with the camels to find a
heavy  repeating  cannon.  For  more  fun, save the game, then use the
cannon  in  a shooting gallery with Jawas. To complete the level, load
the saved game, do not shoot the Jawas, and continue.

Engine binders:
     There  is a man that says "Ah, I want my home back!" in the slave
quarters on the Mos Espa level. Talk to him and tell him that you will
help.  Go  up  the stairs and into his house. Talk to the man and mind
trick  him  in  to  letting you look around. Walk around the woman and
jump  off  the balcony. Kill the two blue men that shoot at you. Then,
talk to the man in the corner. His name is Vek Drow. Follow him to his
shop and he will give you some engine binders.

Health pack locations:
     Locate the building in the Mos Espa level with the fat man taking
a bath. A small health pack can be found in the corner.

     Talk  to  the man that does not know the passcode for the door in
the  Gardens  of  Theed level. He will lead you to a set of stairs. Do
not go up the stairs. Instead, enter the gazebo to find a small health

Using the thermal detonator:
     Do not use the thermal detonator on Jabba's beast on the Mos Espa
Arena level. Innocent bystanders might die from the blast. Save it for
the Ignition Capacitor thief.

Trading for a blaster:
     If you have any fuel converters left in the Mos Espa Arena level,
you can trade them to a guard for a blaster.

     In  the Mos Espa level, get the Dragon's tooth from Mat Rags. You
can  trade it to the first woman you saw when you entered the city for
a blaster.

Fuel converter from Teemto:
     In  the  Mos Espa level, go to the bar. Kill Teemto to get a Fuel
Converter.  Note:  This  level  cannot  be  completed if you kill him.
Everyone will call you a murderer and Anakin will not talk to you.

Full health:
     In  "The  Final Battle" level, when you run up to the throne room
and  the  doors  close,  turn to your left to find a statue. Shoot the
statue until it explodes to get a full health.

Examine weapons:
     Enable the "Debug mode" code. Select any weapon besides the light
saber  before  choosing  a  level.  Pause  the  game  when the opening
sequence  (where the characters talk) for that level plays. Select any
weapon  besides the light saber and the character you are playing will
stop and examine the weapon.

Floating alien:
     Begin  game  play  in the level Mos Espa Arena and go through the
Seven Gee Lounge into the stands. You will find one of Sebulba's slave
girls  from  his house in the Mos Espa level. Use the Force on her and
she  will  fly  up  into  the  air and float like the Naboo soldier in
Escape From Theed.

Beat Darth Maul:
     Here's  a  way  to  kill  Darth  Maul without putting yourself in
danger, as long as you still have the rocket launcher and/or grenades.
After  he  kills  Qui Gon, wait behind the last energy door. You'll be
able  to  see him waiting around the corner. Staying behind the energy
door,  wait  til  it  opens,  then  fire at Darth Maul with the rocket
launcher.  This  may or may not bring up his health meter. Either way,
it will hurt him. You may have to experiment to get the right angle.

Lights Out:
     When  your  in the Final Battle. Go in the one room where you can
find  Health  and there is a chair above the thing that slides out for
you to get health. Step on the chair and the lights should go out. But
when you get off the chair the lights come back on.

Open door:
     On Coruscant, to get through thee door that leads you to the part
where the Queen gets captured, just shoot the droid at the door and it
will open.

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