Silent Hill

Extra options:
     In the Options screen, press L1, L2, R1, or R2.


Hospital doors:
     In  the  third  floor  of  hospital area are two doors with three
panels of push buttons over each one. Read the two pictures at the far
end  of  the room. Use the "Camera" that you already should have found
on  each  of  the  pictures. This will reveal the necessary pattern(s)
that  need  to  be  re-drawn on the push-button panels. This opens the
respective door and allows the game to proceed.

Hyper Blaster:
     The  Hyper  Blaster  is  obtained  by  unlocking  the UFO ending,
detailed  below.  Note:  Channeling  stone shows up on the Game Ending
screen, not this weapon. The channeling stone is another possible item
(in  the  convenience store in Next Fear mode if the game is completed
with  a Good+ rating). To get the UFO ending with it (and subsequently
the  Hyper Blaster immediately in the Next Fear mode), use the item at
these locations:

Old Silent Hill: On the roof of the Alternate School 
Alternate Central Silent Hill: Right outside the hospital before
fighting the Moth/Adul Grub. 
Resort Area: Norman's Motel, in front of the apartments 
Alternate Resort Area: On the bridge of the boat. 
Alternate Resort Area: Roof of lighthouse. 

Zodiac Room:
     In  the  room with the Zodiac Signs, click the digit according to
the amount of limbs in the picture (from left to right; Sagitarrius:6,
Taurus:4, Gemini:8).

Unlocking the Grim Reaper's door:
     To  unlock  the Grim Reapers door in "nowhere", type ALERT on the
panel next to the door.

Saving Cybil Bennet on the carousel:
     Walk  up  to  Cybil  at  the  very start of the fight, while your
energy  is full. She should slap you. Immediately after she slaps you,
splash  her  with  the "red liquid" to save her, saving valuable time.
Note:  The  red liquid is found in the "normal" hospital, on the floor
next to the administrator's desk.

Getting the katana:
     Complete  the  game  with  the good ending to receive the katana.
Save, then begin the game again. Play through until reaching the first
house  that  was  entered  in old Silent Hill. Go to the door that was
previously  locked  in  the hallway to find the katana. Completing the
game  with  the  good  ending will also allow access to the channeling

Bathroom teleporters in school:
     Enter  and  exit  the  girl's  bathroom in the second part of the
school  (through  the  clock  tower).  The  game  will  transport your
character  to  the  second  floor bathroom, which is closed off (along
with  the  men's  second  floor  bathroom) from the rest of the second
floor  hallway.  There are two boxes of handgun ammunition and one box
of shotgun shells in the second floor men's bathroom. After collecting
them,  enter  and  exit the girl's bathroom on that floor to return to
the first floor.

Telling Dr. Kaufmann about drugs:
     When  you  are  doing  the  things that Kaufmann left in the pool
hall, go to the Indian Runner Store, enter the combination (0473). and
go  inside.  Move  around  the  counter,  stand  in front of the white
drawer,  and  press  X.  Answer  "Yes" to open it. Go all the way back
behind  the  counter.  Use  the "Safe Key" on the safe that is down by
your  feet.  It will open, and reveal three bags of drugs. You can not
take them. Talk to Kaufmann to mention them to him.

Nurse Center puzzle:
     You  must solve a puzzle to open a door. The door itself has four
open slots and four full slots.

         [1]      [white]     [2]

       [black]            [orange-red]

         [3]     [purple]     [4]

Clues to solve the puzzle can be found in the poem: 
clouds flowing over a hill
sky on a sunny day
tangerines that are bitter
lucky four-leaf-clover
violets in the garden
dandelions along a path
unavoidable sleep time
liquid flowing from a slashed wrist 

     The  red block goes in slot one, the blue block goes in slot two,
the  yellow block goes in slot three, and the green block goes in slot

Hyper blaster:
     If  you have Konami's old game gun plug it in to controler port 2
before  you  start  the  game. Load up the game, in your inventory you
will  now have the hyperblaster. NOTE: To use it it's almost better to
have two players one to control the gun and one to control Harry.

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