Rockman X3

Golden Armor:
     To gain the golden armor you must have all the sub tanks, hearts,
and  armor.  Don't  get  the  four enhancers, as the golden armor will
grant  you  these.  When you have everything you need, go to Doppler's
first  stage  and get the first super armor. Move to whe re the spikes
fall  into  the  first  pit,  then slide to the left until you enter a
secret  room.  Inside  will  be a pink capsule. Jump on it to gain the
golden armor.

Note: you have to make it to the secret place with full life.

Skip to the Endgame:
     To  warp  to  the  endgame,  go  to the stage select screen. Once
there,  move your cursor to the X logo and quickly press DOWN + SQUARE

Super Adaptions:
     After  killing the mid-boss in the first Dr. Doppler stage, go to
the  first  pit  you  see.  Now slide along the left wall until you go
throuhh it.

     If  you  have all of thee-tanks, weapons, hearts, and full energy
you'll find a capsule that will grant you the four Super Adaptions.

Super Password:
     To have everything except the super adaptions, enter the password
"6414 4155 6872 3356".

The Three Paths to Dr. Vile:
     To  reach  Dr.  Vile you must kill at least two bosses, then find
one of these entrances.

     The first entrance is at the beginning of the Volt Catfish stage.
A platform will take you to Dr. Vile.

     The  second  entrance  is  in  the  Frozen  Buffallo stage. It is
located  in  the  first  pit  after  you enter the small room with two
doors. You will see the entrance on the left side.

     The  third  entrance  is in the crab's stage (I forget his name.)
The  entrance is located next to an energy capsule after you leave the
small  room  where  you fought a mid-boss. Before you reach the energy
capsule  you  will fall right through the floor. Here y ou'll find the
capsule that takes you to Vile's secret stage.

     Note:  These entrances are only there after you kill at least two
bosses  and  BEFORE you kill Bit and Byte (the two mid-bosses who talk
to you.)

Zero's Saber:
     There  are two ways to get Zero's Saber. If you're in a hurry you
can get it with the password "1454 3535 6162 7162".

     If you'd rather earn it yourself, do this. On the second stage of
Doppler's lab play through the whole level with Megaman only. When you
get  to the mini-boss's layer, switch to Zero. Play through the entire
level  and  defeat  Vile. Zero will be damaged bey ond repair and give
Megaman his saber


Introduction -- 3721 1281 3751 4456
Gravity Beetle -- 5623 4888 5851 4221
Blast Hornet -- 1745 5231 5441 2486
Neon Tiger -- 3621 4867 5851 2227
Tunnel Rhino -- 5728 1263 5754 2458
Blizzard Buffalo -- 7671 2857 2144 1247
Volt Catfish -- 1778 5253 2444 3488
Crush Crawfish -- 5718 1266 2727 7458
Dr. Doppler's Lab -- 5718 1263 2627 7458

Music Remix:
     At the title screen, highlight the "enhanced" version of the game
and  hold  down  both  select  and  start  until th e title screen for
Rockman 3 comes up. Some of the stage tunes will be remixed.

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