NHL 2000

Super players:
     For super players just go to player management then create player
and  enter  in  a name of a player that is rated 99. ie. Joe Sakic. It
will then ask if you want to use his ratings say yes. to work you have
to  go  to his ratings first and put them how you l ike them. Then you
can go back and change his name. You have to be careful because if you
change  something  important  like  his playing type it will reset his
points. Also you can put in the name of one of the guys in the credits
and you will get their rat ings but most are not very good.

Announcer says names for created players:
     If  you  use a name that is firly common, for example, Andy, then
the  announcers  in  the game will say "Andy, picks up the puck..." or
"Andy Scores!" when you make a play or score a goal. They actually use
your name.

EA Sports Team:
     To get the "EA Sports" team start an exhibition game and press L2
and R2 repeatedly.(This code only works in exhibition)

Free player for your team:
     Turn  on wavers. This will allow you to drop players from any one
team and add them to any other team.

Laugh at opposition:
     Press  Triangle  after  scoring  a  goal to laugh at or taunt the
other team.

Different jerseys:
     You  will  be  prompted  for a type of jersey just before a game.
Select  "Home"  for  the  team's  white  jersey,  "Away" for the color
jersey,  "Alternate"  for  the  team's third jersey (if available), or
"Inaugural" for the team's old jersey (if available).

Eliminate opposition's goalie:
     Pause  game  play,  select "Controller", then choose the opposing
team.  After  entering  the  team's menu, change the goalie to "Pull",
then  press  Start.  Wait a moment, then press Start and return to the
control  selection  screen. Move back to your original tea m and press
Start.  After  entering  your menu press Start and the opposing goalie
will be gone.

5 minute power play:
     If you get in a fight don't fight back and the other guy will get
a full 5 min major. The power play stays for the whole 5 min.

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