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Jackie Chan: Stuntmaster

All Levels:
     To Select all levels, press L2, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, R2, R2.

Behind the scenes movie:
     To  access the bonus move press: Left, Right, R1, Circle, Square,
Triangle, Triangle.

Movie theatre:
     Get twenty gold dragons to unlock the Jackie Chan movie theatre.

     Hold Square. Jackie will throw a punch, then scoot back and throw
a Drunken Master Punch. Your opponent should become dizzy and give you
the opportunity to use the Jumpkick or any other combo.

     Hold Triangle. Jackie will kick, then flip and kick.

     Press  Square,  Square,  Triangle,  Triangle. Jackie should throw
three punches, then turn around and hit the opponent with his butt.

     Run towards a wall and hold Triangle. Jackie should run, flip off
the wall, and kick the opponent behind him.

     Press Roll/Dive, then immediately hold Triangle. Jackie will roll
and shoot up kicking twice.

     Press  Roll/Dive, then immediately hold Square. Jackie will roll,
then shoot up with a powerful punch.

     Hold  Grab  and  X,  Square,  Circle,  or Triangle. Jackie should
perform  one  special push instead of the regular push. This will help
gain more style points.

Infinite lives:
     Starting  on  the Roof Top level 2, get on the elevator. Kill the
ninja.  As  the light above the door turns on, enter the room and kill
the  enemy  inside.  A ladder will come down. At the top of the ladder
there  is  an extra life. After collecting it, exit the level and save
the  game.  Repeat  this  as many times as desired to get an unlimited
amount of lives.

Get The Movie Theater Option:
     At the "Press Start Button" Screen press Left, Right, R1, Circle,
Square,  Triangle,  Triangle.  Then  look under the title "Jackie Chan
Stuntmaster". It should say Bonus Movie

Seven Hit Combo:
     Press punch four times and kick three times to do a seven hit combo.

Secret room:
     In the 1st level of China Town, there is a raised platform with a
bakery  sign  above  it. Don't go on it. After the platform is a brown
wall  at  the bottom of the wall. Kick it and role through. You should
now be in the secret room !

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