Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Burrow and Hogwarts Glitch
     This  code  is  very useful, but has bad side-effects. First, you
must  find  Ginny  so you can go to Diagon ALley. Then, go through the
way  you  came in and enter again. At the loading screen, you'll see a
picture  of  the  Burrow. But, when you start playing again, you'll be
standing  in  Gryffindor  Common  Room!  The nasty side-effects happen
after  you  help Ron with the slugs. When Harry, Hermione, and Ron are
talking,  they'll  start  having  the conversation that is supposed to
happen after you finish fighting the Whomping Willow!

Professor Flitwick's Incedio Challenge
     Once  you get the Incedio Spell, return to the main room and make
sure  the  two  pillars  are  down. Go into one of them and switch the
flame  direction  so  that  the flames are both are on one side of the
room. On the other side, use Incedio to light the pigs and Flapendo to
point  them  up to lift the platform; then again on the other one. Run
quickly  to  the  switch  by the exit. If successful the door, will be
unlocked  halfway.  You  will need to do likewise with the other side.
Note:  You  do not have to charge at all -- this gives you a few extra
needed seconds.

Forbidden Forest spiders
The spiders in the forest act as follows: 
Tiny Black: Show you the path 
Big Green: Jumpers (jump, run away, and jump again) 
Big Red: Flingers (they spit) 
Big White: Flingers (spit paralyzing venom) 
Big Multicolor: Possible Jumper/Flinger mix.

Expelliarmus Challenge
     Use  your spell that cuts down tapestries and ropes on the spiked
ball.  Walk  up close to the edge and hold your trigger button, charge
up  for  a  half second and cast. Note: If you throw the imps into the
fiery  pits,  they  will  die and you do not have to worry about them.
Likewise,  if  you  throw  them  all away you cannot put them into the
cages to get out; but when all are indeed gone, they respawn from that
hatch in the wall at the first ramp.

Transformation spell
     After  you  acquire the spell and return to the main room, use it
to  get  across  the  room on the other side of the gargoyle. You will
need  to  use  the  hardly  visible ledges to cross. Hang off the wall
ledge  to  escape  nearing  ghosts,  and push down the slabs to make a
bridge.  Once this is done, you will have to fight the gargoyle. It is
recommended that you get on the right staircase, halfway up. Then, use
the spell on the last stone and the door will open.

Finding Lost Items
     When  in doubt, check Hagrid's Hut. Many of the lost items end up

3 Roots Needed 
     Search  the  left  side of Hagrid's Hut, by the Herbology Center.
From  there,  they  all scatter (much like Neville's china set) behind
Hagrid's Hut towards the Forbidden Forest. The person that wants these
will  give  you  the key to the Confiscated Items Room (six more cards
and a bag to hold 200 Bertie Bott's Every Flavored Beans).

Lost Badge 
     Found  on  the  Broom  Flying Field, towards Hagrid's Hut and the
Whomping Willow (still inside the Flying Court).

Lost Newspaper Article 
     Search  the  left side of Hagrid's Hut. Note: "Left" being if you
were  looking from his front door towards the castle (the side next to
the Herbology Center).

Lost Wizards Hat 
     Found in a small patch of trees towards the Quiddich Court.

Neville's Crockery 
     Can  be found close to the Flying Court and Hagrid's Hut. Up on a
roof  will  be  a  multitude  of  his china set. Go about a fifteen to
twenty five second flying trip from Neville (heading back).

Secretive Dragon Scale Gloves 
     The  elusive gloves are by the lake, but not on land. They can be
found  just  outside  the Broom Flying lessons field, on the lakeside.
You  will  notice  a  long  strip is down low. On the far end are five
torches (light with Incendio to get a Wizards Card), and in the middle
somewhere should be the gloves.

Personal Requests and Notice Board
     The  Notice  Board  in the Gryffondor common room usually gives a
location,  but  higher  up  as  you near completion they start to give
vague  clues,  such  as  "Could be anywhere on grounds". With personal
requests,  they  do  not ever really give you a clue, except the first
one.  However,  the items are near the area in about a two acre search

Defeating the Whomping Willow
     When the Whomping Willow starts to pound into the ground, hide in
the corner where you entered its lair. The shock wave cannot reach you
in  here,  unless  you  stray too far from it. Should you get hit, you
should have refilled your potion Vile before you entered. Also, Hedwig
will  drop  Cauldron  Cakes and Beans for your aid. Note: Rapid firing
technique  is  recommended.  Lock  on  to  the limbs after they finish
pounding  and  fire  a quick shot, then wait to lock onto the Willow's
Eye.  Then,  fire repeatedly until it stops hurting him before running
back to your hiding hole.

Defeating the Giant Spider
     To  defeat the Giant Spider in the Dark Forest, circle around him
and cast Rictosempra. He will not shoot any spider webs at you.

Defeating the Giant Mother Spider 2
     While  fighting it, you may notice little sacks being dropped and
suspended by webbing. Shoot them down with Flapendo and collect health
and Bean power ups from Hedwig.

Fighting with Expelliarmus
     When  in one of the few battles with Hogwart's students (just the
Slytherin  Gang,  all others leave you alone), let them make the first
shot  and  bounce  it  back.  Just as you do, use your Flapendo with a
quarter  to  half second charge to knock them back, thus trapping them
with  two  spells  to  knock  back, which they can never manage. Note:
Beware,  just  as you finish casting Flapendo (depending on distance),
you will be forced to use your Expelliarmus almost instantly.

Defeating the Giant Mother Spider
     To  get to it, use your Lumos spell to light the floor and follow
the trail of spiders. Unlike the book, the spiders that are not normal
size  will  try  to kill you. Attack them with Incendio. When fighting
the  Giant  Mother  Spider,  do  not  try  to  hurt the spider itself.
Instead,  use  your  Incendio spell to burn the web it has attached to
the  various  trees. When done, it will fall into the pit and you will
slip in after it. In here, just run around until it rears its head and
exposes  its soft under-belly. It is the only part that is susceptible
to  second  level  magic. Note: It is best to not charge and use rapid
firing to get a little extra damage.

Avoiding ghosts
     When  you do not want to be hit by ghosts and lose all your items
(Balloons, Beans, and sometimes Stink Pellets) just stand on the ledge
until  the specter nears you. Tap the controller so that you will fall
and  catch  the  ledge.  When you are hanging, they cannot hit you and
cause your items to go flying.

Sneaking around at night
     When  sneaking  around  at  night, you need to get by many of the
prefects.  When  you  need  to  get  by  them,  simply crawl under the
bookcase  to  the  left  of the portrait that leads to the Griffondore
common  room.  It leads through a secret passage that takes you to the
fourth floor. When sneaking around and you do not want to walk slowly,
you can use various objects and spells to distract the prefects. Stink
Pellets are not too reliable, but the non-explodable luminous balloons
work well. As for spells, try Flapendo.

Bertie Botts Bean Bag (200 Bean capacity)
     Gather  every  item  for  the  students  around Hogwarts (not the
Notice  Board). You have to actually find the people. The final person
will  give  you  a key to the confiscated items room. In there are six
Wizards cards and the biggest Bertie Bots Bean Bag.

Bertie Botts Bean Bag (100 Bean capacity)
     Use  the  Skurge  spell  on a chest covered in ectoplasm behind a
tapestry  (you  need  the  scissors  spell) on the third floor, by the
Defense against the Black Arts classroom.

Easy Sickles
     Once you have collected your Standard Book of Spells (Grade 2) in
Diagon  Alley,  you  can  cast  Flipendo  to break barrels and uncover
Sickles  that you can use to buy items such as Stink Pellets at Gambol
and Japes.

Easy points
     In  the  Chamber  Of  Secrets, destroy paintings on the wall. You
will  open  the  painting  and  get  100  points for Gryffindor. After
returning  from  the  Whomping  Willow,  head  deep to your right when
Professor  Snape  finishes  scolding you. There, in a corner, you will
find  your  first  Notice  Board Item. You can return it to the Notice
Board  before  or  after you go to the Restroom Shop the Weasley's set
up,  earning  you the very first 10 points in the game, and possibly a
Wizards Card.

Easy Bertie Blotts Every Flavor Beans
     When  you  exit  of the Gryffindor Tower notice the object in the
corner.  Hit  it  with Flipendo and three Beans will appear. Go around
the  corner  and  walk  at  least  three  steps  away. Return and cast
Flipendo  again  to  get  three more Beans. Repeat this to get as many
Beans  as  needed.  Use  the  Nimbus  2000  Broomstick  and  fly above
Hogwarts.  Fly  through the rings to get free Beans. A blue ring gives
10  Beans,  a yellow ring gives 1 Bean, a red ring gives 3 Beans and a
green  ring  gives  2 Beans. At the beginning at Ron's house is a tool
chest in their barn. Every time it moves on its own means that you can
shoot it with Flapendo to get more beans.

Nimbus 2000 Broomstick
     On  the  second  day  of  school,  go  to the Quidditch practice.
Complete the training with a "B" or better rank to get the Nimbus 2000
flying  broomstick.  You can now fly anywhere around the school during
the  day.  Note:  You can only land on grass and cannot fly inside the

Witch and Wizard cards
     If  you are one of those people who need to get everything in the
game  but  don't  manage  to in this game don't worry. When you finish
there will be a new menu, Griffindor Common Room. Select that and then
go to Colin's photo album or to the deuling place behind the statue.

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