Gran Turismo

Breaking the Sound Barrier:
     This  cheat lets you get up to very high speeds and "breaking the
sound barrier". Here are the steps:

Get some speed:
Then smash a wall at a 90 degree angle 
Hug the wall for about half a lap 
As soon as you do that get off the wall quickly and start driving
on the road. Enjoy your speed! 

Concept Car:
     In  order  to  get the Dodge Concept Car, which you cant buy, you
have to win the British vs US race.

Easy Money:
     The easiest way to get lots of money later in the game is to race
the  qualifier for the all nighter. You get $20,000 just for qualifing
and  it  is  very  easy to do this with the GTO special edition or any
other  car  with  good  speed/acceleration and handling. It takes app.
1'45" to complete with the GTO special edition.

Faster Acceleration:
     To  accelerate  faster,  rev your engine during the countdown. Be
sure  to  go from the lowest point in neutral to the hightest point in
neutral, and back down to the lowest point in neutral as many times as
you can before you go.

Nissan Nismo 4000gt-r:
     To  get  Nissan Nismo 400Gt-r you have to get all golden trophies
in International A class license.

Hi-Fi Mode, Bonus Cars and Bonus Tracks:
     To get all the bonus items in Arcade mode, which include the four
other  tracks  (Autumn  Ring,  Deep  Forest,  SSR5,  and  Grand Valley
Speedway),  all  the  other cars (Toyota, Subaru, Dodge, and TVR), the
ending  movie, and Hi-res GT Mode, you have to beat every single track
with  each  type  of  car  (A,  B,  and  C)  under  all three modes of
difficulty (Easy, Normal, Difficult.)

Hidden Video of the GT Staff:
     In  Arcade  Mode,  first  get  the  hidden tracks, then, on every
track,  take 1st place with any car in A,B, and C class mode on Normal
setting or higher. Then go to Bonus Items, you'll see "Staff Video" on
the menu.

Free Parts:
     It  seems  there  is  a  bug  in GT which means you can make free
duplicate  copies  of  any parts you buy for a particular type of car.
Try this:

     Buy two identical cars. Give them a different color scheme if you

     Buy loads of parts for the first one - fully spec it up if you

     Check  out  its  list of fitted parts from the garage (you should
see a list of what you just bought.)

     Switch  to the other car and get in it (the one which you haven't
fitted  any  parts  on yet) and check its fitted parts list (should be

     Still in the second car, go race (Spot Race will do).

     When  you  get  options  to  qualify, go to Machine Setting, then
Change  Parts.  You'll  now find you can select all the parts from the
other car, tyres, turbos, suspension, intercooler etc, in effect fully
spec'ing up the second car.

     Exit  the  race, and go back to the garage. Check out the list of
fitted  parts  for  both cars. The parts are now installed for both of

     NOTE:  This  won't  work  for  the Weight Reduction or Racing Mod
options and a few other things (like port polishing), as these are not
available  from  the Change Parts menu - they're not really "parts" as
such  anyway.  Also,  it doesn't seem to work with cars that have been

     Of  course  the best thing you can do with this is sell the extra
cars.  As  it  cost  you  nothing to increase its specs, you'll make a
profit when you sell it!

Easy Start:
     When  you  first  start and have 10,000$ to burn,go out and buy a
Honda  Prelude  '94 VTEC cause that car has serious handles.Get your B
class  liscense.Win  a  couple  of  races  to get around 5,000$ to buy
Flywheel  and  Muffler  Upgrades.Race  the  Sunday Cup and win ALL the
races  at  1st  place.By  the time you win the Championship,you should
have  about  45,000!  Keep  repeating  if wanted.I was able to get the
Dodge Viper after 2 Championships!

High-Powered Cars:
     Are  you  tired  of  slow,but expensive cars like the NSX and the
Aston-Martins?  Well,go  to Mitsubishi or Nissan and purchase either a
GTO  Twin-Turbo  from Mitsubishi or a R33 Skyline from Nissan and have
tons  of  cash.Both  of these cars can be upgraded immensely and their
horsepower  go  above 900! These cars also have superior handling.Want
handling and speed? Buy these two and you will never lose!

     The  Chevrolet  Corvette  Grand Sport in the game is phat. If you
get  $80,000  you  can  turn it into a racing modifaction. When you do
that you can change the color of the car. The same look will go on the
Chevrolet Corvette Coupe. I recomend you use the Grand Sport.

The Fastest Car On The Game:
     You want supreme dominance? Buy a new Supra turbo and tweak it to
the  max. you now have a 910hp RWD car that can really move if you put
some  downforce  on  it. This car can essentially go undefeated on the
Megaspeed  race.  Note,  soft tires,zero camber,loads of downforce and
super  large 1st and 2nd gears are neccessary if you dont want to look
at the turn you just came out of in front of you.

Specs? how about this: 
0-60 in about 3.5 sec 
top speed 267 with proper gearing 
can go around the long turn at High Speed ring steadily at 210+mph

How to get the R35 GTR special quad turbo skyline:
     To  get this 1290hp car it is simple, you have to race rome short
course,  come  last three times in a row, 2nd two times a row and 1 st
once,  after you win the screen will will go back to the main menu and
a car will be spinning around slowly, and just press x to get into the
car.  This car is so fast and yet so light at 978kg. Enjoy your car or
evan  sell  it  only  for $100. PS. You have to do this with a STI 22b

Better Brakes:
     To  get  better brakes is kinda tricky but it gets simple after a
while.  All  you  got  to do is press triangle instead of square. With
triangle  you only have to press it for a short second which will slow
you down just enough to complete a full turn. Unlike square which will
make you come to a stop very quickly which is usually not needed.

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