Front Mission 3

Get new endings:
     Clear  the  game,  then  start a new game and save it over top of
your  other  file.  Then  clear  the game again with the name of Cloud
Honshi  (for  you who played Final Fantasy VII, he is Clouds brother).
If  you  entered the cheat you would see him in the ending of the game
he looks alot like cloud but he is darker in skin.

Play with your Battle Skills:
     When  you beat Emma's or Alisa's story line. Wait until after the
credits  and  you  can  save your game at a final save point. Then the
title  screen  comes up. Load your memory card file into the game. You
are  allowed  to play the other or same story line with all the Battle
Skills you learned in your previous game file.

Special Weapon:
     In  the  Alisa  missions, after mission 46 go to the ArmoredK web
site   and   check   out   BBS   3.   At   the   bottom   there  is  a
number(555-XKR-224).  Then  go to the Auspend Garbagepit. There should
be  something  called the Infernal Dialer. Dial this number in and you
will  recieve the parts to a Hoshun Mk112 and a laser weapon. You must
then  put  it  together  and  upgrade it. It is the best wanzer in the

Split point:
     The  "split  point"  in  the  game  is so close to the start that
gamers  could  play the same story and never know what they did wrong.
It  occurs  when you finish the Wanzer testing. Royogo will ask you if
you  want to deliver Construction Wanzers with him. If you go with him
you  will  get  Emma's  story.  If you do not go with him you will get
Alisa's story.

Capturing enemy Wanzers:
     To  capture an enemy Wanzer, make him surrender. Any Wanzers that
surrender  before the stage is cleared will become yours. You can tell
if  a  Wanzer  has surrendered by looking at its color. If it is gray,
and  has  a white flag on top of it, it has surrendered. This does not
work, however, for tanks, jeeps, etc., as you can not store them.

Backup Wanzer:
     If  you  capture an enemy Wanzer at the end of a battle, keep it.
This  way,  if you lose a Wanzer in your next battle, you have a spare
Wanzer  to  replace  it.  Besides,  you  do  not  have  to replace any
destroyed  parts on a captured Wanzer; they are automatically repaired
for  you. Just make sure that you add some weapons to it, because your
only  attack  on  a  captured  Wanzer  is  the  HADRBLOW, which is the

Restart a battle:
     Save the game as soon as you start a battle. If you lose, you can
reload  the  save  from the beginning of the fight and try a different
strategy. This also prevents you from losing a Wanzer that you want to

Kill ejected enemy pilots easier:
     Attack   an   ejected  pilot  with  a  machine  gun,  shotgun  or
flamethrower.  Although  rifles,  missiles,  and melee weapons do much
more  damage,  you will often miss completely because only one shot is
fired. However, a machinegun and shotgun will fire multiple times, and
the flamethrowers can attack a target at least four times.

Fighting helicopters:
     Helicopters  are  big,  but  you have a greater chance of hitting
them  with  a  machine  gun  or  shotgun than any other ranged weapon.
Missiles, however, can usually hit a helicopter if it is almost out of
missile range.

Grenade launcher:
     A  grenade  launcher  does  not  strike  one  square;  it strikes
several,  depending on which type you have. Make sure "friendly" units
are  at  least two squares from the damage area to prevent a "friendly
fire" situation.

Destroy Wanzers and Body Parts Quickly:
     To  easily  pummel  any  enemy  wanzer, always equip some sort of
melee  weapon  like batons and fists. When in battle, come up close to
the  enemy  wanzer  and  punch  him. Depending on your Power level and
upgrades,  you  should  be able to do around 200 damage on a part of a
wanzer.  I  find  it  easier  to  destroy the arms or legs of an enemy
wanzer  by  just  punching them rather than shooting.Kazuki's Zenislev
works best in these situations.

Money and The Power:
     During  the  course  of  the game, you either receive or download
Battle Simulator Scenarios for you to "practice" in. Of course its not
only  for  practice,  its  also  for getting experience and money. The
first  battle  you  get  is  the  JDF  base  scenario  which is a good
beginning  one, but later on you will want the Taal Base scenario. The
Taal  scenario gives you a lot of money depending on the level of your
wanzers.  The stronger your wanzers are, the harder the opponents get,
and  the  more  money  you  receive. The experience you receive in the
Simulator count as actual experience.

Level Up Beam Weapon:
     The  beam  weapon  might be the most powerful weapon in the game,
but its also the hardest to handle. Since you can only use it once per
turn,  two  if  you  turn  off  some upgrades, so the shot you take is
supposed  to  count.  The  weapon  is really easy to level up. The EXP
requirements  are about 1/2 or more less than regular weapons. An easy
way to level it up is to let the weapon finish off near death wanzers.
A good wanzer to let the weapon blast on and level up fast at the same
time,  is the Shangdi 1. I managed to work the beam weapon up to level
F in about 10 or 15 missions. At around that level, it can destroy ANY
body part in one hit.

Hidden battle sims:
     There  are  2  hidden  battle  sims  in  the  game. They are both
acquired  at  the NTJ (national land and traffic agency of Japan). The
first  is  Koriyama  the  password is Sintj. The second is Nagoya, the
password is wntj

Computer programs:
     This is a list of all of the computer programs that you can

1) Sim practice mode . $500 . (Iguchi) 
2) Kaleidoscope . $200 . (Netcomsys) 
3) Code security 21 . $100 . (Armoredkin) 
4) Sim Data . Free . (Auspend) 
5) Sim Data, Battle Mode . $600 . (Papel) 
6) Restrex . $400 . Papel) 
7) Yahan Q . $500 . (TTsoft) 

     Those  are the programs that will help you to compress, uncomress
enlarge, ect.

Get the Hoshun mk 112:
     Another  way  to  get  the Hoshun mk 112 is to capture it. If you
capture  one  you  cannot get one off of the computer. You can capture
one  in mission 58 in Emma's story (the observatory) and in mission 46
in Aliases story (koriyama).

     One  of  the strongest single battle skill in the game is called,
Shield  ATK  3,  learned  off  of  the  Lenghe Arm. It hits for around
1000pts  on  a single part. The strongest skill (single) is Tackle 3 ,
learned  off  of  the  Lanze  Body. This skill makes you use the total
weight  of  your  wanzer  in  a  single melee attack. Depending on the
weight  of  your  wanzer  this skill can cause anywhere from 700pts of
damage to a waping 1800!

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Автор: BurZOOM
Эта игра, без сомнения, лучшая в серии, а, может быть, и среди пошаговых стратегий. Потрясающий геймплей, две разных истории, отличные бои, сеть - все продумано и интересно. Если вы любитель досконального прохождения, то эта игра для вас, лично я прошел несколько раз оба сценария, но до сих пор не собрал все battle skill'ы. Хотя вышла Front Mission 4, но она уступает своей предшественнице по всем параметрам.

Автор: Vitaliy
Лучшая игра, из всех, что я когда-либо видел, и, наверное, увижу. А повидал-то я их немало... Я прошел ее без преувеличений не менее 50 раз. Знаю наизусть чуть ли не каждую строчку диалогов, расположение войск противников в начале каждой миссии, достоинства и недостатки каждого вида вооружений ... И все равно прохожу снова. Она того стоит!

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