Final Fantasy 9

Black Jack mini-game (Japanese version):
     At  the end of the game where the "The End" screen appears, press
R2,  L1, R2, R2, Up, X, Right, Circle, Down, Triangle, L2, R1, R2, L1,
Square,  Square.  You  will hear a sound when entered correctly. Press
Start to start playing the game.

4 Ways to Get the Robe Of Lords:
     First  way  to  get it is to play the Chocobo's Hot and Cold game
and  earn  10,000  points  and  redeem the points for Robe Of Lords by
talking to the Mene the moogle

     The  second  way  is  to  go through the Stellazzio: Zodiac Coins
sidequest.  Give  the 12th coin to Queen Stella and you will recieve a
Robe Of Lords as your reward

     The  third  way is to beat Hades and gain access to the Legendary
Synthesis  Shop.  You  must have a White Robe, a Black Robe and 30,000
Gil to get a Robe Of Lords.

     The  fourth  way  is  to steal using Zidane. Bosses like Ozma and
Hades  carry  a  Robe  Of  Lords. Equip Zidane's Master Thief ability,
which  can  be learned from using Thief Gloves (which can be bought in
Treno's  Auction  House) and Bandit ability, which could be learn from
Mythril  Dagger.  Equip  the  N-Kai Armlet to ensure that Zidane has a
good chance of stealing successfully.

FF9's 2nd Ending:
     Complete  the  Zodiac Coin Side Quest and keep Shina's hammer. Do
not  use  the  Hammer  in  the  Legendary  Combo Shop. Keep it in your
inventory  and  finish  the  game.  You'll  get  an  additional  scene
involving Baku.

Getting Excalibur:
     Just  buy  the Magic Finger from the Treno auction and give it to
the  old  man  in the Dargeleo Library. Sell the rare items you bought
from the auction to the people of Treno.

Getting Excalibur 2:
     Get  to the final area and beat hades under 12 hours. After that,
search the right pillar in the Memory Room.

Settazzio locations:

     Dali's windmill

     Behind Treno's item shop in the slums

     Throw 10 gil into the fountain at Treno's entrance 13 times

     Behind the overturned cart near the entrance of Burmecia

     Near   the  statue  of  Neptune  that  transports  the  party  to
Alexandria harbor

     In Black Mage Village's Inn

     Right side of Madain Sari's fountain

     Below the HP/MP restoring spring in Quan's Dwelling

     Left of the Gysahl Pickle cart in Lindblum (during reconstruction)

     In the waters to the right of the entrance to Daguerreo

     Right hand chest at the entrance of Ipsen's Castle

     Chest inside the invincible airship

     Collect all 12, then search where Scorpio was found.

     When  you  have all 13 return to the lady by the noblesin trento.
She  will  give you a hammer. When you complete the game, it will show
you a hidden movie !

Morrids coffee:
Morrid's three coffees are in at these locations:

     MOCCHA  COFFEE  :  This  cup is next to the restorative spring in
South Gate where you see the Tantalus Crew in an ATE.

     KIRMAN COFFEE : This cup is in Eiko's kitchen, Madain Sari.

     BURMAN  COFFEE  : This cup is in the card tournament section. You
have  to go to Dali and then search the desk in the mayors house until
the  kid says 'zzz'. Now search the stove for the 'Mayors Key' and use
this  on  the door in the windmill and search the chest twice for some
gil and the coffee.

     Now  remember to take the coffee to Morrid before you go to Terra
and  the  'Mini  Prima-Vista'  will turn up in the Tantalus hideout in
Lindblum. This will raise your treasure hunter rank.

     During  the  coffee  quest  you must get the coffee in the mayors
house before you go to the coliseum to play cards.

Quadruple Magic Attack's:
     When  you  get  a  reflect  ring,  have  the  four characters you
regualary  have  in your party learn"Auto Reflect". When they all have
it  turned  on,cast  a  reflective  spell  such  as  Bio  or any of th
elements, at yourself. This will effetively quadruple the power of the
spell on to a single target.

     Go  to  Alexandria  and  ring the rope in the tower when the bell
rings  a  box  will  drop  on  Zidanes  head and it contains the Ramuh
Widolon Xard (note: only works after kuja attacks the town.)

Mog locations:

     Here are the locations of all the mogs on disk 4 , this will help
a lot if your doing the mognet quest:

Black Mage Village- Mogryo
Daguerreo- Noggy
Ipsens Castle- Kumool
Burmecia- Atla
Qu's Marsh (mist contenent)
    ( you need to have Quina in your party to find this mog)- Mois
Dali- Gumo
Treno- Mogrich
Alexandria- Kupo 
Lindblum- Moonte + Mogki + Moodon

     Also  dont  forget to go back to Gizamaluke's Grotto to give kupo
nut's to Moguta for extra items

Healing Ring:
     At  the  festival  of  the hunt, lose as Zidane on purpose. Freya
will  get  a ring. Give that ring to Zidane and he will be healed when
attacked by Thunder, Thundera, Thundaga.

Get the Gastro Fork:
     Catch all the frogs (99) in Qu's marsh and you will battle Master
Quale  and  kill  the git and you will recieve Quinas best weapon, the
Gastro Fork.

100 hi-potions:
     Go  to  the  chocobo wood and go with your chocobo to the back of
the field on the right (while playing the chocobo game) press 10 times
Square and you will get 100 hi-potions.

Gain money and exp:
     Find  an island near choocobolagoon and run around until you have
found  the grand dragon have auto reflect on or use carbanuckle but be
warnned after this or auto reflect is on you may not use cure magic on
yourself  such  as  cure cura or curaga if you win you will gain money
and exp.

     Put  Auto-Haste  and  Auto-Regen on Zidane. He will automatically
heal  most  of  his  health  before enemy even attacks or Dagger's Ark
summon will ensure full heal.

Change costumes:
     When  in  ice cavern when fighting the black waltz no:1, kill the
sea  dragon  first  and  wait a while the black waltz will give you an
item that lets you change costumes in dali inn

Healing char with reflect on:
     To   heal  characters  equiped  with  reflect,  use  Dagger  with
Reflect-Null ability.
     This  is  a  great  tactic  to use if all your party members have
Auto-Reflect on.
     This  is  particuraly  effective  if Vivi has Auto-Reflect on for
double or quad damage.



Get Moguo angry:
     You  can get Moguo, the moogle on the world map, angry. Just call
him  a couple off times and send him away without doing anything. When
you  have  repeated  it  severel times he will get angry and say three
different lines.

Get running shoes:
     You  can  get  a  pair of running shoes.You go to Quan's dwelling
with  Quina and Vivi in your party. There will be a meeting with Quan,
Qualle,  Quina  and  Vivi.  After this is over look in the klok on the
balcony and you will recieve a pair off running shoes.

Get the Ultima Weapon:
     If you want to get the Ultima weapon for Zidane then get yourself
a  darkbleu  chocobo  and  go  to  the  exact  place  of the where the
Shimmering Island was (at disc 3). Then use a Dead Pepper and you will
get  the  Ultima Weapon. Note:You must get on the exact place that has
been pointed on the world map.

Listen to a FF8 tune:
     You  can  listen to a FF8 tune. First go to Treno. Buy the Doga's
artifact  and  the Une's mirror. Then go to the Black Mage village and
go to the Inn. Talk to the black mage that is standing by the doorstep
off the Inn's bedrooms. Then you will hear a FF8 tune.

Garnet's real name:
Want to know Garnet's real name? Just follow these steps:
     1:  Go to the town where you first met Eiko. Walk to the kitchen.
You will see Lani run away. Then leave the town.
     2:  Go  back without Amarant or Garnet in your party. You can now
talk to Lani. Talk to her twice. Then leave the town again.
     3:  Go back again without Amarant and Garnet in your party. Go to
the Eidolon Wall and walk to the left until you hear a sound. When you
hear  that  sound  go  walk  to the right. Repeat this until you see a
talkscreen that says that everything is healed. After that look at all
the drawings on the wall. When you've looked at all the drawings go to
the drawing off Ifrit and you will get Garnet's reall name

Find Mognet Centre:
     Go to the north end off the Lost Continent. You will find a crack
in  the  mountain. Get your chocobo and feed him a Dead Pepper at that
location. You will find Mognet Centre in there.

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