Final Fantasy 8

How to get cloud:
     When  you  are  in the missile base [note you must have Irvin and
Zell  on  your  team. Once you are in the missile base and you get all
the  way  to  the compuyer room know matter how well you done you will
fight  these  soilders.  Draw off the red soilder not the blue ones it
will  be  a  question  mark. once you get up to the top, and you fight
that  blue  mrv  you  will have to use the drawn magic on it, once you
beaten  it you will get a buster sword. Later on go to Odins place and
use  the  buster sword on him when you use it, it will help at the end
in  disc  three  when  Seifer  chops  Odin  in half instead of getting
Gillgemesh you will get Cloud.

How to get the Lionheart:
     In disk 1 aquire 2 of everything at one of the shops then go to a
junk  shop  and  you  will able to get the Lionheart by exchanging all
your items.

The ex Balamb Pupil:
     The  ex  Balamb Pupil can help to eradicate rules as he only uses
the  one  rule.  He  can  be found at the docks at Balamb Town fishing
after the occupation.

Easy AP & Boost:
Easy AP: in dollet kill the metal spider for 50 ap 
Easy boost: if you have a turbo pad just hold the button 

How to attack everytime with a limit attack:
     First  thing, during a battle, keep a character in "yellow", then
when  it's  time  to  attack  press the circle button till you get the
"special attack option".

How to kill a t-rex with just one shot:
     Make junction with "death" magic to the status attack.

     Haste  isn't  the best spell for speed. 100 Triples will boost it
quite a lot more than Haste. In my game Squall kills something and his
turn comes up again before it hits the ground.

Solomon Ring:
     In  order  to  use the"Solomon Ring" you must have these items:x6
Steel  Pipes,x6 Remedy+`s,& x6 Marboro Tentacles....this item releases
GF Doomtrain.

     If  your  forgot to Draw the GF`s from the earlier battles in the
game you can get another chance,if you want to complete your gaurdians
like i did:

Locations: Ultimecca Castle-Bosses
1.Siren=Tri Point
3.Pandemona=Red Giant

Other GF`s:

     1. Odin: Disc 3 & 4,in 20:00mins;Randomly appears-Non-Boss
     2. Phoenix: Phoenix Pinion-Use item wisely;appears to auto Revive
     3.  Boko  the Chocobo: Solve at least on of the Chocobo puzzles,&
use GysahiGreen
     4.  Minimog:  GF  Ability;Minimog  Amulet....each  time  you  use
Minimog it`suses gil;20 2000gil,and the price rises with your level
     5. Moomba: You can call upon mooba using the Friendship Item
     6.   Gilgamesh:   Near  End  of  Disc  3;will  appear  once  Odin
Dies;Gilgamesh is a Boss Battle GF;you just can`t controll him. Random

1. Zantetsuken - Cuts all enemies in half;resultin in Death
2. Excaliber - Strong attack against all enemies
3. Excalipoor - Causes 1 point of damage to each enemy
4. Masamune - Extremely Strong attack against All Enemies

Catuar Island hint:
     You  know  that  little sand island, out to the Southeast, called
Catuar  Island? Make sure that when you go to him, all your characters
are  junctioned  with water to give you an added advantadge. Also make
sure  Leviathan  is  level  50+  his  water  attack will cause 9,999HP
damage.  Plus  put the ability`s RECOVER & REVIVE on the character not
using  Leviathan. Also make sure at the begining of the battle to cast
haste  on  all your characters, you must finish this GF off quickly or
else  he  runs  away  and you must start over. One other thing this is
also  a  good  place to build up your GF`s the Cactuar, on this Island
give you 20AP so after 10 battles you make up to 200AP.

     When  you  beat  Omega  Weapon,  don`t  go  to the Last Boss with
Ultimicia.  Instead go to you character options and select "Proof that
Omega Weapon Exisits". When you click on it, it will give you a recent
background  info  on the creature that tells you how to beat it easier

No Death at end:
     Equip  auto-potion  to Irvine and make sure you have enough final
limit  break  aimo, have plenty of x-potions(no other potions). At the
end  when  fighting Ultimicia, her final form you will be reduced to 1
but you will use auto-potion immediatly, but right before you use auto
potion  keep  hitting  Circle  repeatably  and you will get your limit
break up and then get 100 % health. Keep shooting her until it reaches
zero then repeat on next turn, you are bound to win.

     When  fighting  the  first monster you meet in the fire cavern on
the  first disc. Try to practice a bit before you start to fight them.
Train  for a while. When you start to fight the monsters and trying to
get  to Ifrit (the GF in the fire cavern) fight until you get to level
20 or 24, it will make the battle much easier.

Attacking Sorceress Ultimacia
     You  must  first get Squall to be at level 100 and any two of the
other party member. Get your party's to be well equiped and with their
best  weapon.  Be  sure  to  get  Squall  the  lion heart which is the
strongest  weapon  in  the  whole  game.  Also  get  him  to learn the
lionheart  attack  because  it  is  the  only  way  to defeat Soceress
Ultimacia.  She  have  4  forms to defeat but you have to fight 5 time
because  she uses the GF she have before she junction herself into it.
Get at least 50 full life, 50 life, 50 curaga and 50 other magice that
dispells confusion, poisons or other harmal spells. Use Aura on Squall
alot so that he can use his lionheart which will finish her first form
off easily. Keep using Aura on Squall and attack with him and you will
soon defeat her.



Limit Breaks:
     This code shows every characters Limit Break.

Squall Leonhart=Renzokuken
Rinoa Heartilly=Combine
Quistis Trepe=Blue Magic
Zell Dincht=Duel
Selphie Tilmitt=Slot
Irvine Kinneas=Shot
Laguna Loire=Desperado
Kiros Seagill=Blood Pain
Ward Zabac=Heavy Anchor
Seifer Almasy=Fire Cross
Edea=Ice Strike 

Ultimate Weapons:
     These weapons are the characters strongest.

Squall Leonhart=Lion Heart
Rinoa Heartilly=Shooting Star
Zell Dincht=Ehrgeiz
Selphie Tilmitt=Strange Vision
Irvine Kinneas=Exeter 

No Random Encounters:
     There is a way to not fight any monsters on the world map besides
using  Diablos' encounter-none ability. If you walk on a road or train
tracks, you won't have to fight any enemies. This is handy early on in
the  game  when  your  HP  is  low and need to get to Balamb Garden or

Kill the zombie with one hit:
     When  you  go to nagotiate with the president(disc 1) use a GF on
him  in human form and when he changes use Phonix down (by clicking on
phonix  down  and  when  the people screen comes up press left)Then he
should automatically be dead.

Fast Magic:
     To  use  triple  very  early on in a fight , junction cerberus to
someone  with the initiative ability, use cerberus right away. now you
can use magic x3 the whole fight!



Easy Limit Breaks:
     Get  into  a  battle, and wait until all characters time bars are
full.  Then keep hitting CIRCLE (TRIANGLE in the Japanese version) and
eventually Squall or Zell will have use of their limits.

Secret G.F:
     After  reciving  Ragnarok  go  to  the bottom left of the screen.
There  should be a base there if you defat the boss (Bahamut) you will
get  him  he  will come on your side. After Bahamut go father into the
base and you will fight Altema Weapon draw "Eden" from him.

G.F. Boost:
     If  you  have a GF who has learned "Boost", this trick will work.
While your GF is about to appear on the screen, hold down "Select" and
you  should  see a hand pointing a finger on the "Square" button and a
number next to it. Keep holding "Select" and rapidly hit "Square" This
will  raise that number which means more damage to the enemy. But make
sure  you  stop  when  an  X  appears over the hand. If you don't, the
number will start back at the beginning. Wait for the X to go away and
repeat  the  process.  The  higher the number reached, the more damage

Dancing soldiers:
     At  the missle base near the begining of Disc 2 there is a way to
mess  around  with  the  missle  control. At the missle control panel,
after  setting  up  the  error  ratio, go to equipment. Press and hold
Square and Triangle then press up or down to get a dancing elite guard
or a normal one.

Infinite Items with a Pocketstation:
     If   you   have  Final  Fantasy  8(US),  a  Pocketstation  and  a
Memorycard,  you  can  use the Pocketstation game Chocobo World to get
Infinite Items. Just do the following:

     1. Download the Chocobo World game from Final Fantasy 8 onto your
Pocketstation, (Downloaded after you have caught a Chocobo.)

     2.  Start playing through Chocobo World, collecting as many items
as you can.

     3.  Once  you  have the items you want plug the Pocketstation and
the  Sony  Memorycard into your Playstation, go to the internal memory
card manager and save Chocobo World into the Sony Memorycard (Warning:
it takes 7 blocks of memory to store)

     4. Start playing your Final Fantasy 8 game with the file that you
have  caught  a  chocobo with, go to the game menu and choose , get to
the  menu.  You can then transfer the items into your FF8 game, choose
the  option  to  take  Boco(the character you play Chocobo World with)
home, which also lets you transfer all the items you have collected in
the  Pocketstation game into the Final Fantasy 8 game, and then choose
the option to send Boco into the Pocketstation game again. NOW, get to
the  option  on  the  Final Fantasy 8 game to see all the item you got
from the Pocketstation.

     5.  Now  comes  the  Infinite Item part of this cheat. Get to the
Memorycard Menu again, but this time copy the Chocobo World files that
are  inside the Sony Memorycard back into your Pocketstation, and then
do  step  4  (transferring  items  into  FF8)  over and over again to,
finally, get Infinite Items.

     Note  :  you  can do this to get 16 or more MiniMog abilities for
all your G.F.s to use, just find MiniMog inside the Pocketstation game
and  then just do the transferring cheat mentioned again to do it over
and over.

Easy Card Games:
     Want  to  play any card game without those ugly rules you hate so
much?  Then  don't  spread  them! By playing a card game with somebody
that  says  they  want  to play with combined rules,and you accept,the
rules  will  spread.To  avoid  this,when  they  ask  you  to play with
combined  rules,say  NO.Keep  saying  no until they play with just the
regular rules by just saying "wanna play" or whatever they say.

Easy Life Restoration:
     As  soon  as  you  have Status-Attack-Junction,get 100 Drains and
junction  them to whoever has the ability.Depending on how much damage
you do,you will be healed if you hit the opponent!



Lion Heart on Disc 1!:
     You  think it is impossible don't you, but you are sooo wrong. It
is  very  much  possible to get the Lion Heart on Disc one and here is
how. Because you do not need the mag to get the weapon all you need to
do is get the needed items. First you get Adamantine from the Minotaur
card.  Second  you  get Dragon Fangs from a T-Rexaur between levels 20
and  29.  Now  get  20  Elnoyle  Cards  and refine them in to 2 Energy
Crystals.  Then refine the energy crystals into 20 pulse ammo. Now you
can get the Lion Heart on Disc 1.

Gifts from Esthar Shops:
     Cloud's  Shop will randomly give you a Hi-Potion during the first
visit,  and  an  X-Potion during oyur second visit. Johnny's Shop will
randomly   give  you  a  Hi-Potion  during  the  first  visit,  and  a
Mega-Potion  during your second visit. Karen's Shop will randomly give
you  a Hi-Potion during the first visit, and a Mega-Potion during your
second  visit. Cheryl's Shop will only randomly give you one item: the
Rosetta Stone. Visit Cheryl's Shop during the Lunatic Pandora event in
Esthar when you are in control of Zell.

Crash Site:
     If  you  missed  out on the Alexander Card in the Lunar Base, you
can  still  win  it  from  Piet. The escaped pod crashed in the Abadon
Plains, which is south of Tears' Point outside of Esthar's cloak. Land
on  the  island and search the area. You can't see the crash site, but
you'll  automatically  get  taken there if oyu step in the right area.
Piet is sitting next to the escape pod cursing his bac luck.

Quick AP and EXP:
     Toward  the  end of the game, you may need to do some quick level
building.  If  you're  looking  for  AP  there's only one place to go:
Cactuar  Island. Each Cactaur you defeat is worth a whopping 20 AP. In
no  time,  you  can  learn  skills worth 200 AP. If you need EXP visit
either  the  Island  Closest to Heaven, or the Island Closest to Hell.
Both  are  found  on  either the far east or west coasts. There you'll
find  only  the toughest enemies in the game. During Quistis along and
leave  her  HP  in  the  yellow.  Then  begin each battle by using her
Degenerator Limit Break. You'll quickly amass more experience than you
ever  though  possible.  Also,  be  on  the lookout for a mass of Draw
Points  on  both  of  these  islands.  They're  all "unseen," but they
contain the best spells in the game and they all refill quickly.

Control Panel Secret:
     You  can  toy  around a bit with the Missile Control Panel at the
Galbadian  Missile  Base.  Choose  to  go  to the Equipment inspection
screen  and  you'll  se the equipment used by the Galbadian Army. Hold
down  both the Triangle and Square buttons and press up or down on the
control  pad.  The  scene  will  switch  to either a dancing Galbadian
Soldier or Elite Soldier. Pretty strange stuff.

Unlimited Gil:
     You  can make extra Gil with Edea's Letter. Take it to a shop and
you  can sell it for 125 Gil. It isn't much, but it can help if you're
short on cash. Return to Edea's House and speak with Edea gain. She'll
scold  you and then hand over another letter. you can continue to sell
her  letters  and  get  new ones to your heart's content. Granted this
isn't a great money maker, but it's kind of humorous.

Finding the Ragnarok on Disc Four:
     The  Ragnarok  is  stil  around  and full of people from the C.C.
Group, provided that you defeated the C.C. Group's King earlier in the
game.  It's  a long trek, but you can win some rare cards that oyu may
have missed throughout your journey from the C.C. Group's members. You
can  also  use  the  Ragnarok  to  find  the  Card Queen, who's hiding
somewhere  on  the  World Map. While the journey to the Ragnarok isn't
tough, it is very long and slow. After going through the second portal
outside  Ultimecia's  Castle,  you'll  arrive  in  Centra's Serengetti
Plains  area just a bit north of the Centra Ruins. Check the World Map
and  you'll  see  a  red  dot  southeast of your position. The red dot
signifies the Ragnaork.

     To  reach  it,  you need to find transportation across the ocean,
and without the Garden, you must rely on Chocobos. While on foot, head
to the northwest and rap your way around the bay to the Chocobo Forest
on  the northeat tip of the Centra continent. Get a Chocobo and return
the  way  you  came. Ride the Chocobo to the southern border until you
spot a beach. Ride across the ocean to the continent below, which will
take you very, very close to Edea's House. From Edea's House travel to
the  east  along  the  mountains. However, keep an eye out for a small
pass  through  the  middle  of  the mountain range. On the other side,
you'll  find  the  Kashkabald Deser and the Ragnarok. There's a fourth
portal near the Ragnarok. Upon entering this portal, a new portal will
appear  in  front  of  Ultimecia's  Castle. Now you can travel to this
location any time you wish.

Finding the Queen of Cards on Disc Four:
     After  finding the Ragnarok, you can begin your hunt for the Card
Queen  and  explore  the world. The Card Queen is hiding in the Abadon
Plains,  just  to the south of Esthar. You'll find her near the escape
pod  crash  site (the same place where you found Piet on Disc 3). Keep
in  mind that there's no visible sign of the crash from the World Map.
To  locate it, you must scour the southern tip of the plains until you
enter the area.


UFO's Sidequest:

     Mandy  Beach:  Travel to Timber and explore the beach east of the
city. You'll spot the UFO abducting a moai statue.

     Winhill  Bluffs:  Travel to Winhill in the southern region of the
Galbadia  continent  and explore the area southeast of the village and
west of the rocky path where Winhill Bluffs meets Lallapalooza Canyon.
You'll spot the UFO abducting a cow.

     Kashkabald Desert: Travel to Kashkabald Desert in southern Esthar
and  explore  the  western  part  of  the  desert. You'll spot the UFO
abducting a pyramid.

     Heath  Peninsula: Travel to Heath Peninsula in eastern Trabia and
explore  the  small  island east of the peninsula. You'll spot the UFO
abducting a crop circle.

     After  you've  made  all  four  sightings  pilot  the Ragnarok to
Grandidi  Forest in northern Esthar and set down on the highlands just
north  of Chocobo's Holy Forest. Explore the area and you'll encounter
the UFO up close. Unfortunately you must destroy that which you do not
understand.  Any attack will do, the UFO won't fight back, but you may
want  to  take  the  opportunity  to  stock up on Demi first. When the
damage  is  done  the  crippled  craft  will  fly off and crash in the
distance. You'll be rewarded for your heroism with an AEGIS AMULET.

     If  you're  still  curious  about  the  extra-terrestrial visitor
you'll  have to travel to Balamb to find it. Explore the area near the
crater  where  Balamb  Garden  used to rest and you'll encounter PuPu.
There  are  two  ways  to  deal with the creature: if you're bona fide
blood-thirsty  you  can  butcher  the  defenseless  and decidedly cute
little  alien for an ACCELERATOR. If atonement is on your mind you may
recall  from  reading  Occult  Fan IV the UFO was searching for Status
Full  Recovery  Medicine.  To offer amends make sure you have the Item
ability  junctioned  to  at  least  one  member of your party and five
Elixirs  in your inventory before you engage PuPu. At the beginning of
the battle the alien will ask for Elixir. Grant PuPu's request and the
doe-eyed  Oliver Twist will ask for more. Continue giving the creature
Elixir  and,  when  adequate health care has been delivered, PuPu will
thank you by giving you the PUPU CARD. In either scenario you may want
to  take  the  opportunity  to  stock up on magic before administering
PuPu's fate.


The Laguna Effect:

     Depending  on the actions you took while exploring the Excavation
Site (a.k.a. Lunatic Pandora's Excavation Site) as Laguna on Disc One,
you  may  be able to locate some useful items and Draw Points when you
explore  Lunatic  Pandora  as  Squall  at  the  end of Disc Three. The
following covers the action taken by Laguna in the past and the result
in the present.

As Laguna: Pick up the first Old Key near the Confuse Draw Point.
     Later Effect: You can now access an Ultima Draw Point hidden in a
doorway past the floor panels.

     As  Laguna:  Remove  a level from the middle floor panel to set a
trap for the Esthar Soldiers.
     Later Effect: The floor panel is now open and inside is a Silence
Draw Point.

     As  Laguna:  Find  the  gray  detonator switch, and press the red
switch prior to pushing the blue switch.
     Later Effect: The door at the base of the lond ladder is now open
Inside you can find a LvLuvG item.

As Laguna: Find the second Old Key at the first intersection.
     Later  Effect:  Both  boulders fall into gaps in teh floor, which
enables you to get to some of the secrets listed here. It also enables
you to reach a copy of Combat King 005.

     As Laguna: Move the rock away from a tunnel wall to reveal a Cure
Draw Point.
     Later  Effect:  Searching the spot where the Draw Point once was,
reveals a hidden Spd-J Scroll


Chocobo Forests:

     There  are  seven  Chocobo  Forests  in  the  world and there are
puzzles  in  six of them. As you attempt to solve each puzzle, you may
want  to talk to Chocoboy and buy a hint for 100 Gil. You'll also have
the  option  to  purchase  Gysahl  Greens  at  600 Gil apiece or ask a
question  for  10  Gil.  When  you've successfully summoned your first
Chocobo,  talk  to Chocoboy before you catch her and he'll let it slip
there  may  be  something you haven't found yet. Use the ChocoSonar to
find  a secret hiding place. Sound the ChocoZiner and the Chocobo will
dig  in that location and reward you for mastering the forest. Talk to
Chocoboy  and  he'll  tell  you  the items are a sign of affection for
those  the  Chocobos  of  that forest regard as one of their own. Each
time your return, you'll find the Chocobo waiting for you in the open.
To  celebrate  your  first  catch,  Chocoboy  will  give you BOKO as a
present.  In  the  future, you'll be able to summon Boko during battle
using Gysahl Greens and the Chicobo will attack your enemies.

     Chocobo  World is a self-contained game designed for use with the
PocketStation.  Save  your  game  to a PocketStation unit and Boko can
take  part in a journey of its very own. Boko will grow in strength as
it gains experience and can find exclusive Chocobo World items you can
bring   back   into   "FINAL  FANTASY  VIII".  Unfortunately,  as  the
PocketStation  is unavailable to PlayStation owners in the US, Chocobo
World  can  only  be  enjoyed  by  users of the PC version, where it's
included as a stand-alone application.

'THE BEGINNER'S FOREST' [Chocobo's Forest: Beginner] 
LOCATION: Trabia, Winter Island (just south of Shumi Village) 
HINT: "Try to find a spot where only 1 falls down." 
     There  are four Chicobos in this forest. The spot Chocoboy refers
to  in  his  clue  is  in the far-left corner of the clearing. Use the
ChocoZiner  in  this location and a lone Chicobo will fall down. Catch
it  and  the  mother  will appear. Use the ChocoSonar in the far right
corner of the clearing to find the hidden location of an AURA STONE.

'THE BASICS FOREST' [Chocobo's Forest: Beginner] 
LOCATION: Trabia, Sorbald Snowfield (west of Trabia Garden) 
HINT: "You have to blow the whistle twice." 
     There are five Chicobos in this forest. You'll detect Chicobos in
a  large  area  in  the center of the clearing. Stand in the center of
that  area and sound the ChocoZiner to make three Chicobos fall. Stand
over  either  of  the two nearest Chicobos and sound the ChocoZiner to
send  two of them back into the trees. Catch the remaining Chicobo and
the  mother  will  appear.  Use the ChocoSonar on the left edge of the
clearing to find the hidden location of a FLARE STONE.

'THE ROAMING FOREST' [Chocobo's Forest: Intermediate] 
LOCATION: Trabia, Bika Snowfield (just north of Trabia Garden) 
HINT: "Be careful where the Sonar reacts." 
     There  are  four  Chicobos  in  this  forest, two of them will be
already  on  the  ground.  Begin  by  standing over either of them and
sounding the ChocoZiner to send them both into the trees. Head for the
exit  and  use  the  ChocoSonar  to detect the Chicobo location to the
right  of  the  fallen  tree.  Sound  the  ChocoZiner to make a single
Chicobo  fall  and  catch  it  to  make  the  mother  appear.  Use the
ChocoSonar at the far snow bank, directly behind the mother Chocobo to
find the hidden location of a SHELL STONE and a HOLY STONE.

'FOREST OF SOLITUDE' [Chocobo's Forest: Intermediate] 
LOCATION: Centra, Nectar Peninsula (north of Centra Ruins) 
HINT: "Search carefully where the Sonar reacts." 
     There's  only  one  Chicobo  in  this  forest  but you'll have to
pinpoint  its  exact  location to bring it down. Use the ChocoSonar to
explore the area just to the left of and behind Chocoboy. Stand in the
light  patch  of grass so that your feet appear to be just higher than
Chocoboy's  right hand. When you find it, use the ChocoZiner to summon
the  solo  Chicobo and catch it to make the mother appear. Finding the
hidden  items  will be just as difficult. Challenge Chocoboy to a game
of  cards and ask him to move. Use the ChocoSonar in the spot where he
was  standing  to  find  the  hidden location of a PROTECT STONE and a

'FOREST OF FUN' [Chocobo's Forest: Expert] 
LOCATION: Centra, Lenown Plains (east of Edea's House) 
HINT: "Chocobowling with 4 bottles, 1 ball." 
     There are five Chicobos in this forest. You'll detect three major
Chicobo  locations  in  the clearing. Find the nearest one and use the
ChocoZiner  to  make three Chicobos fall down. Stand over the far-left
Chicobo and sound the ChocoZiner to make a fourth Chicobo descend. Use
the  ChocoSonar  to find the Chicobo to the left of Chocoboy and sound
the  ChocoZiner  to make the last Chicobo appear. If you stand over it
and  use  the  ChocoZiner  again, the Chicobo will walk into place and
bowl  the  others  back  into  the trees. Catch it and the mother will
appear.  Use the ChocoSonar in the far right corner of the clearing to
find  the  hidden  location  of  a  METEOR STONE, a FLARE STONE and an

'THE ENCLOSED FOREST' [Chocobo's Forest: Expert] 
LOCATION: Esthar, Talle Mountains 
HINT: "Collect on outer side, then go in." 
     There  are  five  Chicobos in this forest. There are six distinct
Chicobo  locations:  (1)  on the path in front of Chocoboy, (2) to the
right  of  the  rock  behind  him,  (3)  in the far-left corner of the
clearing,  (4)  on  the  near  side of the rock at the far side of the
clearing,  (5)  to  the  left  of  the  rock  on the right side of the
clearing, and (6) in the center of the clearing. Begin by sounding the
ChocoZiner  at  [1  or  2  THEN  3] or [3 or 5 THEN 1 or 2] to get two
Chicobos  on the left side of the clearing. Sound at [4 THEN 5] to get
the  remaining two 'outer' Chicobos to fall. Sound at [6] to send them
all into the trees and a single Chicobo will drop to the center of the
clearing.  Catch  it and the mother will appear. Use the ChocoSonar in
the  far right corner of the clearing to find the hidden location of a

     Chocobo's  Holy  Forest  is  so  sacred and remote it can only be
reached  by Chocobo. Catch a Chocobo in the Roaming Forest near Trabia
Garden,  ride  it  southeast across Bika Snowfield to Heath Peninsula,
and  head  south  across the shallows until you arrive at the beach on
the west coast of Grandidi Forest in Esthar. Make your way through the
narrow  valley  and  head  northeast through the forest to find it (be
careful,  it's  very  easy to get lost). Visit this forest when you've
mastered  all  six  Chocobo Forests and the mother Chocobos will treat
you  to a celebratory dance. After the ritual, talk to the Chicobo and
it'll give you the CHICOBO CARD. On your way out, talk to Chocoboy and
ask  for  one last 'Help Me'. The master Chocobo catcher will summon a
Chocobo  for  you  to  ride  out of the forest and bid you a permanent
farewell.  (NOTE:  From this point forward, you'll need to return here
if you want Gysahl Greens. Each time you enter the Holy Forest you can
talk to the Chicobo and it'll give you one for 600 Gil.)

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