Final Fantasy 7

Unlimited health:
     When  you have Regal (healing that continuously marks up HP), use
it  with that character (Make sure you have All attached to it.) Use a
different  spell  and  when he is casting it open the Playstation disc
cover.  The HP would continue to go up. Close cover when full and game
continues as normal.

Increased Item Trick:
     Equip  a  character  in your party with a W-Item Command Materia.
When your party enters a battle, select the W-Item Command by pressing
the  Circle  when it is his/her turn to fight. Now choose the item you
wish  to  increase  by pressing the Circle again. Select the character
you want to use the item on by pressing the Circle. When you return to
the  Item  Screen,  choose  a different item than the one you selected
before  by  pressing  the  Circle.  Press  X  (to  cancel), Circle (to
activate),   X,   Circle,   X,   Circle.  By  pressing  these  buttons
continuously, you should see the number of the first item you initally
selected increase steadily.

Super Speed Chocobo:
     Hold L1, L2, R1, and R2 to get super speed while you race

Lucky 7:
     If all of your characters have exactly 7777 hit points when their
turn comes up, they will go berserk for one round. However, you cannot
control your characters while berserk and once the round if over, they
will have have one HP.

Get unlimited money:
     Find the clock in the Northwest corner of Aeris' slum house. Pess
X in front of the clock and you'll receive a card. Use that card until
you have $0. Go back to the clock and press X again to get a card with
unlimited money.


Name Areis easy and she does a hooker spech 

     Be  mean to Tifa all the time and be nice to Areis, bring Tifa to
the  ancient city where Areis is killed and she pushes Areis outta the
way and gets killed herself.

Easy Battle Square handicaps:
     Rapidly tap Square during the "slot machine" handicap sequence in
the  Battle  Square  section at Gold Saucer. The slots will slow down,
allowing  an  easier selection of your handicap. Note: This trick will
also work in a similar manner with Cait Sith's limit break.

Get red submarine:
     Loose  the  battle  in  the underwater reactor after carry armor.
After  loosing  the battle, go back to the underwater reactor and stop
at  the dog as you enter. Talk to the dog a few times. After a a short
battle,  the  dog  will  move,  and  now  you  have the red submarine.
Downside  to  get the red submarine means you loose the battle and you
dont  recieve  the huge blue materia and you cant get the bahamut zero
summon.  Now  you cant get the master summon materia. I havent found a
way to get it yet.

Under water Materia:
     To  get  Underwater  materia you must go through the glass tunnel
leading  to  the mako reactor in junon. Run around until you encounter
the  ghost  ship.  Battle  it  for a while, then morph it into a guide
book.  Take  the  guidbook to Kalm, talk to the man going on a journey
and trade it for underwater materia.

Linked lock Armour:
     To  require  the  linked locked armour you find it at Midgar City
(disk  2)  north  of proud Clod and the Northen Crator (disk 3) on the
right hand path. You can now store up to 6 links in your armour.

The Ruby Weapon:
Method 1::
     Let  the  ruby  weapon kill off your other two party members, and
leave  only  cloud  left.  Use inhanced sword to improve your materia.
Then  use  the ultimate weapon to finish the job. Make sure your evade
and  Mevade  is up to at least 50 to 60% in order to avoid most of his
attack.  Use  revive  attacks to continually affect it. This is one of
only  a  few  attacks  he  cant summon. Never use any Fire attacks, it
makes  it  far  too strong, and after 2 shots of it it will regain all
lost  hp. Revive will work if you have a master level final attack, to
give you an extra five revives (Do not attempt this attack if you dont
have  mastr  final  attack.  If  not,  go on to method two). Now, link
Revive with final attack, and link MP absorb to master summon. you can
now  start  the  battle. Run the airship into his head sticking out of
the  ground.  Then just set up a big guard. Now just defend and attack
until  he  buries  his  claws.  At this point use W-summon, aim at his
claws  then  at  his  body.  Use  this  eleven  our twelve times. Ruby
retaliats against knights of the round at about this point, so he will
start using ultima. If you get hit, you will cop around seven thousand
HP  damage  (this is why you should have mystill: 60% Evade). You then
cast  Anergelic  Whisper  while  Ruby  retracts  his claws. It will do
another  bunch  of deadly attacks (comet 2), keep using knights of the
round  table  on  him. he will soon run out of MP. He is then yours to

Method 2:
     This  method  is  far  less complicated, and only requires you to
Gold  Chocobo.  Link  mime  to  master counter and link final attck to
revive.  Then  change  knights  of  the  round  to Ultima, W-summon to
W-magic,  and  add Quadra Magic (level 2) linked to ultima (you need 2
ultima).  Youll  also need all the other weaponry (armour, weaponry..)
You now get in quick and use knights of the round linked with W-summon
as  soon  as  possible,  letting  your  other party members mimic your
attacks.  With  high  enough  HP and MP levels, you will find that you
will  win.  Note:  due to the golden chocobo, and number of high level
party  members  you may need to resolve to method 1 to battle the ruby

Breeding Chocobos:
     The only way you can keep a catured chocobo is if you have rented
a stable from chocobo Bill at the the chocobo ranch. Go into the house
and  talk  to him. He'll offer you chocobo adjustments at 10 000 gill.
Your chocobo/s will appear in the ranch with chocobo billy and you can
now breed Uber chocobo's that everyone wants.

The Flower:
     The  biggest  hint  you  could get in this game is simple, at the
begginig  of  the  game,  you get offered a flower . You must buy one.
Later  on in the game (still first disk) you meet up with Tiffa before
the  second  reactor. Give her the flower. This will greatly alter the
path of the game and Tiffa will live.

Hidden Game:
     Finish  the game 3 times in a row. each time never losing a party
member in battle, then go to load game. Youll find the final fantasy 7
logo  in the memory card slot will be changed into a ball. Load it and
you can play a tennis game similar to pong.

Summoning rage battels:
     To  summon  rage in a battle, defeat the ruby and ultimate weapon
without  using  a  potion on cloud or vincent during battel with them.
When  at  the crater (4th disk), use knights of the round on a morphrd
beast.  It will react with an instant FMV. it will show cloud becoming
summond  by  rage. You can now summon rage at any point as much as you
like.  Note:  using  rage  does not increase your experience points at

Easy Magic level ups:
     To  gain  magic  levels  ups  very  quickly,  equip Cloud's sword
Apocalypse  because  it  triples  magic  growth,  also equip Exp. Plus
materia  equipped  on Cloud's armor, find an enemy called Magic Pot in
the Northern Creater, give it an Elixir otherwise you can't kill them,
and  then  kill  them for 16,000 Exp. points! Or you can find an enemy
called  Mover  which is found around the same area as Magic Pots. This
enemy gives you no Exp. points but gives you 5000 magic Exp. points!

How to get into Midgar in disc 3:
     If  you  try to get back into Midgar, you will see a man standing
by  the  door who will say that he lost the key to Midgar on a tour of
bone village. Go to Bone Village and order a search by the tent at the
top  of the village. This may take a couple of tries, but when you get
it, you can enter sector 5 by Aeris' church and you can go to sector 6
as well.

Rocket Lock Combination:
     The Combination for the big materia in the Rocket event (when Cid
and your party is launched into space) is Circle, Circle, X, Square.

White Materia:
     To  get The White Materia,you must do this: Finish the game, then
go  to  where  Aeris dies and check around where the white materia was

Cosmo Canyon Backroom:
     Go  to CC late in the game and go to the item shop that had a red
rope  that  blocked  your path to a backroom.This time it is no longer
roped off and you can go in the room and get 3 great items.

The Emerald Weapon:
     He  is  a  big  green  thing  that lives under water. You have 20
minutes  to kill him or its game over. He is non-elemental so you just
have  to  go  w-summon:knights  of  the  round  twice  and have 3 mime
materias  and just mime continuelly and heal constantly and you should
kill him in about 17minutes.

Unlimited Items:
     Get  the  W-Item materia and attach to one of your party members.
Run  around  and get into a fight with a weakling creature. use W-Item
and  use  the  first item, then choose to use the same item again. BUT
DONT,  make  the  item user pointer hover over the character and press
cancel,  select, cancel. Keep repeating this and your inventory number
should  go  up by one every time. Alternatively sell the new items and
get lots of DOSH!

Easy battle points in the gold saucer:
     First  you must get vincent up too his limit break level give him
the time materia the restore materia and lots of hp up materia now all
you  have  to  do is go in cast haste and regen then transform most of
the  handi  caps  will  not apply so use the tap squar thing to choose
those that don't matter and you can get upwards 0f 10,000 bp's easily

Get The Lunar Harp and Midgar Sector 5 Card:
     Order a search on either of the items, and go to the top, place 2
workers to the far right, and 2 to the far left, then place one in the
middle.  There  are two black spots, after the explosion, tell them to
dig  in  one  of the two black spots, this may take up to three times,
but it is the easiest way to do it.

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