Digimon World

Get Andromon:
     Pick  the  first egg when your digimon fades away. Train it's mp,
speed and brains higher then all the other stats. You will get Gabumon
as  your  ROOKIE.  Continue  to  train  the  same areas along with the
others.  Around  the  ages of 5, Gabumon will digivoles to Centarumon.
Train him to these stats: 2000 HP, 4000 MP, 200 OFF, 400 DEF, 200 SPD,
200  BRA.  And  then  go  to Native Forest and fight 30+ Battles. Wait
until the right age, 11 or 12, and you've got Andromon.

Get Metal Greymon:
     You  must  have  a  Greymon,  Moochromon,  Meramon,  Tyranomon or
Drimogemon.  Have ten or less care mistakes (not feeding or letting it
sleep and other stuff). He has to be 65 pounds. And have hp4000 mp3000
ofense500  defense500  speed300  brain300  or just find an item called
metal parts and feed it to you digimon. Get Gabumon:

     To  get  Gabumon,  when you start a new game and Jijimon asks you
questions  say  you  don't  have  a  digivice  and  you don't have any
friends, and you will get Gabumon instead of Agumon

Get Sukamon:
     Take  an Rookie or Champion Digimon and let its virus scale reach
full. It will eventually evolve into Sukamon.

Get Kunemon:
     First  defeat  Kunemon. Next take an in-training digimon and have
it  go  to  sleep in Kunemon's Bed. There is a 50% chance he'll evolve
into Kunemon.

Easy Money:
     Buy  a  Meramon  card from the secret card shop for 500 bits then
enter the lava cave and talk to the demimeramon in the last screen. He
will give you 1500 bits for the meramon card.

Quicker training:
     When  you train,just start,wait a second,then push Triangle. Your
Digimon  will  gain  the  normal  amount of expirience. Time will pass
quicker,  but  your  Digimon  will  eat more and need to go potty more
often. But you can make him stronger faster.

Easy bits:
     Go  to the drill tunnel and talk to the mole digimon and do a job
for him and you will get 500 bits.

Get Mega Seadramon:
     Feed your Digimon coral ring.

Become Sukamon the eaisier way:
     To  become Sukamon the eaisier way then when yuor Digimon evolves
press  Triangle  and  Circle,  then  hold  Triangle  and  Circle  WILE
EVOLVING. This code works on any digimon stage.

Easy money:
     Go  to  monocromemon's  shop in great canyon and work for him but
don't  sell  more  than  3,000 bits depending on how much you sell you
could  get  1,500 or 500. But if you sell more than 3,000 monocromemon
joins the city.

Get Wargraymon:
     First  Get  MetalEtamon and Get 1 MetalGraymon Card and 2 Greymon
Cards  plus  3  skullgreymon Cards later sell em to ShogunGekomon then
fight  30  times  in  Bugland  after  that  get your Digimon to become
Sukomon and save then reset the the game later go to the load you have
and your sukomon will digivolve to Wargreymon.

Get SkullGreymon:
     First  get the first egg when your Digimon fades away, before the
egg  is born, press X and Circle non stop. When your Digimon born out,
scold  him  until his happiness is extremely low, then go to toy town,
scold  him  again, your botamon will disappear, go to the toy mansion,
you  will  see  a  bone on the table, take it and a skull greymon will
walk to you. Feed the bone to skull greymon and it's yours...

Get GreyMon:
     Go and talk look for Jijimon after Argumon joined the city. After
talking  to  Jijimon,  go to the gym. Train your Digimon on his attack
TEN times, your digimon will become Greymon even if it is 0 years old.

Very fast money:
     When  you  can  go to freezeland by any many med recoverys as you
can  and go to the first moyamon and trade them for s. def. disks sell
the for 2000 bits and you get 1500 more bits for each one


Selecting Characters (Japanese version):
     Start  a  new  game  and when the black screen appears, hold down
Triangle  +  Square  + Circle. Now you will see a lot of items. Choose
anyone  you  like  and  feed it to your digimon. If he doesn't want to
eat,  press triangle + square + circle again, then feed it again. Your
digimon will change after you feed it with all sorts of items. You can
alter your digimon anytime. Just feed it something again.

Evolve your Digimon (Japanese version):
     While  your  digimon  is  digivolving then press Select + Start +
Triangle  +  Square  +  Circle + Square. You'll then see the digimon's
name  flash. When this happens press square and select the name of the
digiMon you want your digimon To evolve to.

Get all Digimon (Japanese version):
     To  get  all the Digimons, you have to do this. Press Trinangle +
Start  +  Circle + Select at start menu. If you do this code correctly
you will hear Tai say "I'm finally a digimon master!!!"

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