Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX

Unlock all bikes:
     At  the  Bike  Selection  Screen,  press  Up, Left, Up, Down, Up,
Right, Left, Right, Circle.

Unlock all styles:
     At the Style selection screen, press Left, Up, Right, Down, Left,
Down, Right, Up, Left, Circle.

Unlock all levels:
     At  the level seletion screen, press Left, Up, Right, Down, Left,
Down, Right, Up, Left, Circle.

Unlock Slim Jim:
     At Rider select, press Down, Down, Left, Right, Up, Up, Circle.

Unlock Slim Jim (The hard way):
     Complete  the game once to unlock the biker called 'Slim Jim' and
you will also get a bonus bike.

Get Cheat Menu Items:
     Beat the game with the following characters to unlock a new cheat
at the cheat screen:

Joey Garcia         Ghost rider  
Troy McMurray       Exorcist mode  
Shaun Butler        Night vision mode 
Tim Mirra           Silly grunts  
Mike Laird          First person view  
Leigh Ramsdell      Big crashes 
Kenan Harkin        Sticky crashes  
Chad Kagy           Bike suspension mode  

Get Movies:
     Finish  the  game  with  the  following  characters  to  get  the
indicated movie:

Dave Mirra          Get Dave Mirra movie 
Ryan Nyquist        Get Ryan Nyquist movie 
Amish Boy           Get Programmer movie 
Slim Jim            Promo movie 
Dave Mirrra         Finish with Dave Mirra 

Unlock Amish Boy:
     Beat the game with all characters to unlock Amish Boy.

Extra Bike & Character:
     Beat the game with any character to get Slim Jim and a bonus bike.

More points:
     Just  when  the time is about to run out, press X to bunnyhop and
hold  Down  and X or Up and X and you will continue to get points even
after the time has expired.

Easy Bails:
     While  in air press R1, R2, L1, L2 all at once. You will fall off
your bike, then it should say, "YOU BAILED"

Extreme Spin:
     In  the  first level, jump over the flat bed train cars that pass
by.  After  you successfully jump over it, follow the long trail until
you  see a jump. When you hit the jump, start spinning. You will hit a
black  box  that will throw you over the train. Keep spinning until it
says "extreme spin".

Extreme sick truck driver:
     Go to the last course (vert). Go down the big hill to the quarter
pipe  jumps. Hold X all the way down, hit the spin button R2 or R1 and
Down + Circle and just keep tryin till you get it. its not hard.



Double Backflip 900:
     First  go  to  the  Backyard Pools, Then ride straight ahead to a
series  of dirt jumps. Hit X at the top of the jump and then carefully
grind  on  the fence right next to the jump. Then jump over the fence.
There  should be a large pool. Find the long entrance to the pool then
ride down the entrance at full speed to the far end of the pool. Jump,
hit  square and then hit down twice. Spin while doing this by using R2
or L2. Landing this move will get you major points!

Big air spin:
     When you are in the air, press R1 to do 180 or 360 spins

Double or Triple Backflip:
     Press  Down,  Down,  Square while in the air For triple back flip
press Down, Down, Down then Square

Front Flip:
     Press Up, Up, Square

Sick Bar Spin:
     While  in  air  press  down, and circle then hold it until screen
says sick bar spin.

Flip Driver:
     To do a flip Driver in the air press Down, Square, Down, Circle

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