Crash Bandicoot: Warped

99 Lives:
     While playing press: L1, R1, X, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square,
R1, L1

Spyro The Dragon demo:
     Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Square at the
title screen.

Hot Cold bonus level:
     Go  to Level 14 and ride about half way through the level to find
alien  crossing  sign  on  the left hand side. Run into the sign to be
transported to level 31.

Eggipus Rex bonus level:
     Go  to  Level  11  and  take  the yellow gem ride. Continue until
reaching  the  area  where  the  huge dinosaur chases Crash. Allow the
second pterodactyl capture Crash to reach level 32.

105% completion:
     Collect  all  relics  and gems, including those from the Hot Cold
and Eggipus Rex bonus levels. The relics that are collected must be at
least  gold  or  platinum.  Then, approach Crash's sister, next to the
save spot, to find another clear gem. Take the gem to view a very nice
fireworks display and finish with a 105% completion status.

Infinite life and all the relics for the time trial:
     Defeat the first stage completly including all the hidden levels.
Save  it  and  then  play a different game and beat the last level and
overwrite  it  on  the  first file. Then you will notice that you have
100%  completion  of  the  game  with  all the relics and hidden level
including infinite life.

Bonus Levels (26-30):
     To  get  to  the Bonus Levels you must aquire 5 relics, which you
get by beating the time trails. For each level you must have a certain
number of relics to enter (increments of 5).

Instant Uka Uka (PAL):
     Press Triangle + Circle + X + Square. Note: This may only be done
once per life.

Easy lives:
     If you are running low on lives, repeat the first level again and

Five extra lives location:
     Begin  game play on level 11 and take the yellow gem ride. Go all
the  way  to the end, and use a double jump over the yellow gem. Then,
use a double jump to cross over the steel wall to find five lives.

Extra life at jet ski levels:
     Go  on  a  jump  and  land on one of the pirates in a boat for an
extra life.

Three extra lives in "Tell No Tales":
     Go  behind  the second big pirate ship in "Tell No Tales". Follow
the  yellow  balls  until  seeing  two that are farther apart than the
rest.  Move  between  them,  then  go  straight  until the extra lives

Cortex's secret place:
     After  completing  the  game,  use  the Speed Shoes obtained from
Corex  and  collect  five  relics. Then, go to the middle of the space
ship and watch what appears.

Quicker exit:
     After  pausing game play, press Select to return to the Warp Room
instead of highlight "Warp Room" and pressing X.

Wumpa fruit:
     You can get Wumpa fruit by jumping on Monkeys in level 16.

Level 16 hint:
     In  level  16 turn left at the fork in the level. There will be a
big picture of a gem and invisable boxes that you can't see.

Dancing Crash:
     When  you  get  the  Bazooka gun go to level 1 and 6 and kill the
chickens.  After  you finished the game go to level 5 and on an island
you will see Crash Dancing.


Find the Colored Gems:

Green Gem Level 23 Flaming Passion:
     Take the hard path.

Blue Gem Level 20 Tomb Wader:
     Take the hard path.

Yellow gem Level 7 Hang'em High:
     It  shows  the  yellow gm on this level but you must actually get
the secret warp zone and go into level 27 to aquire it.

Red Gem Level 12 Deep Trouble:
     To  get  the red gem you must go to the end of the level and then
you  must  hit  the  ! box at the end. Once you have done this go back
down  the tube and to the right tap the TNT box to set it off and then
go through to get the red gem.

Purple Gem Level 13 Hang High:
     Get the hard path and take it.

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