Chrono Cross

Easy Money:
     Play  at the roulette table in the Zelbess Casino. As the pointer
is  spinning,  pause  the game when the pointer is between point south
and  west  on  the wheel. Finally, hold X and the pointer will land on
north every time.

Safe Bet On Roulette Game:
     I  recommend  you  practice  the Roulette first before you go and
blow  all  of you money. Start with small bets and work your way up to
the  bigger  amounts  of  money.  At the roulette table in the Zelbess
Casino you can cause the pointer to land on north every single time by
following the steps.

     As  the  pointer  is spinning PAUSE the game while the pointer is
between  the South and West positions on the wheel. Now press and hold
the Action button and the pointer will land on North every single time

Treasure Chest Trick:
     Throughout  the  game,  especially  in the Viper Manor, there are
many  decoy  treasure  chest  which  are  actually  enemies.  When you
encounter them they tell you, you only have "one chance" to attack the
correct  one  to  recieve  the  prize they have. All you have to do to
ensure  yourself  the  prize  is to randomly attack one. If you do not
choose  the  right one the first time, just "run away" and repeat. You
can do this as many times as you want at no cost. Enjoy!

Easy way to beat Dario:
     This  is  a  very  easy  way  to  beat Dario and get Serge's most
powerful  weapon. First you have to go battle the Black Dragon and use
Fargo  to  steal  the  armor  called the "Black Plate". Next equip the
black plate on Serge after having beat all of the other dragons except
for  the  White  Dragon.  To be able to fight Dario you have to battle
Peppor  and  Solt where Garai once was. After the battle they give you
an  item  used  to make Dario regain his memory. One you have the item
(again make sure that you have the Black Plate on serge, and Riddle in
your  party)  go to the tiny island to the northeast of the big island
called  the Forbidden Island. Go in the hut and then battle Dario. The
battle  should be semi-easy as all of Dario's magic when cast at Serge
will  heal  him.  Once  the  battle  is  over  you  should receive the
Masamune. Side Note: Dario has about 3800 hp.

How to get the Chrono Cross:
     To  get the Chrono Cross go to Dragon Falls (Another) and use the
two  blue  crystals  pieces.  Its  only purpose is to get you the best

Get All Characters:
     Once you've beaten the game, use new game+ and play through until
you  get the Chrono Cross again. Next, go to Spriggan's home dimension
using  the portal in the Hidora Swamp and use the Chrono Cross as soon
as  you  get  there.  You  will get all your characters back from your
previous saved games.

How to get the moon glass's:
     After  getting  Glenn  into  Termina,  move him and another party
member  (I  used  Guile)  to hermit's hideaway, and there you'll fight
Harle.  When  the  battle begins, hit her with every white element you
have,  "X strike" is nice here, but the point of the matter is to kill
her  before  she  use's "Moon Beams", if you do this, you get the Moon
Glass's when you defeat her. They half all physical damage.

How to beat Dario w/o any special equipment:
     All  you  have to do is have enough IceBlast elements to equip on
every  slot  of each characters element grid, then use whatever attack
combo  you  prefer,  then  use your strongest available IceBlast. This
causes Dario to use Weaken, which takes up his turn. You can just keep
doing  this  until Dario is defeated, without having one HP taken away
from any of your party members!

How to get Harle permanently:
     To  get Harle permanently without losing her... do the following:
Beat the game three times getting each set of characters (Guile, Nikki
and  Pierre).  Don't forget to alternate in saving and not saving Kid.
Remember  to  beat  the  game with Harle in your party. This means you
have to beat the game before you lose her. The forth time you beat the
game, use the Chrono Cross and you'll get Harle back permanently!

     In  Viper  Manor,  in the battle screen with LI'L BOXER. When you
chose  attack, a side box appears that describes your apponits stat's.
Also  in  this  box are Male & Female sign's, always attack the Female
and you'll get the prize everytime.

New Game:
     Finish  the  game,  save  &  load  the game. You can acess level,
element & summon that you had before.

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