Get the Legendary Sword:
     To  get  the  Legend Sword (most powerful weapon in the game) you
must have the "POWER GLOVE" given to you by Jess. Then you need to die
and use the "QUICK RESTART" feature over 16 times (this can be done at
any time in the game even before you get the power glove.) After doing
all  of  that  head  for the statue of KING SNOW which is east of INOA
VILLAGE  and  use the power glove to lift the large rock blocking your
way to the staue. Walk up to the statue and the screen darkens, if you
have  done all of the above correctly King Snow will pity you and give
you  the  Legend  Sword.  This  Sword should be your weapon of choice,
although  it  cannot perform a charge attack it is still the strongest
weapon in the entire game.

Listen to the Music:
     This  will  allow  u  to  listen  to  the music of Alundra. After
completing a number of your quests go back to the Inoa Mine there is a
house  by  the  stream,if  u  go  inside and go upstairs you will meet
Rohei.  This  great  composer will let you listen to some of his music
which is in fact the music from the game.

Playing Tips:
     When  fighting  Melzas himself, pay attention to where he pops up
last.  The  last clone to come from the ground is the creature Melzas.
Just wait in the middle of the screen and pick him off.

     When fighting the final brain thing, just run up to the brain and
keep doing jump attacks.

Get Jess' Armor Fixed for Free:
     After  you  get  Jess' broken armor, you can take it to Lurvy and
get  it  fixed,  but  for  a  large sum of money. So instead climb the
cliffs  behind  his  house until you are the highest you can go on the
right  side.  From there, jump down a few cliffs to the treasure chest
on  the  cliff directly behind Lurvy's house. And from that cliff jump
to his roof and then on top of his chimney, you will fall into Lurvy's
house.  You  catch  Lurvy  doing  something and he says that he'll fix
anything of yours for free, if you don't tell anyone about his secret.
So  just give him the broken armor and walk out with a new shiny piece
of armor.

The Silver Armor:
     After  the  town has been burnt to the ground go to the item shop
in Inoa and try to buy the armor. She will finally give you the armor.

Get the Ultimate Sword:
     Get  the  power  glove  of  jess  then  die more than 16 times on
purpose then go to the king snow statue lift the huge rock in front of
it.  Then  go  up  to  the  statue and talk to it and he gives you the
sword. This sword cannot be replaced because it is the most power full

     When  you enter the grave yard,and you do the ghost thing,the way
correct  way  to  talk to them is to talk to #3,2,4,1,and 5....that is
the correct way to talk to them

Secret ticket:
     In  the  middle of the game drop down one of the chimneys in Inoa
village  to get a secret ticket this will allow you to go in the house
near  the king snow statue and the house is actually a pub now talk to
a  sailor  and  a  door  will open and you can play games like battler
which  allows  you  to  play  and battle slimes and another is the bow
contest  (note go outside septimuses house and head south and you will
find  a  chimney with smoke come back later and the smoke will be gone
now jump down)

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