Silent Hill: Book of Memories

Konami Code
At the starting screen main menu (Your Character's Bedroom) enter the Konami Code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Square, Triangle, Start) to get a free Robbie Doll weapon as well as enable the sale of Robbie Dolls at the shop. You'll know the code worked if you hear a child's laughter. You need to input the code each time you load up your character. If you reload your character, you can re-use the Konami Code to continuously get more free Robbie Dolls.
There are 48 Bronze Trophies, 8 Silver Trophies, 1 Gold Trophy, and 1 Platinum Trophy.
Agnostic (Bronze)
Achieve the NEUTRAL ending in every Forsaken Room
Antiquarian (Silver)
Complete your Artifacts Checklist 100%
Apprentice (Bronze)
Level up to LVL 25
Architect (Silver)
Complete your Rooms Checklist 100%
Arms Dealer (Silver)
Complete your Weapons Checklist 100%
Author (Gold)
Defeat the Steel Guardian and complete the game
Beast Master (Bronze)
Defeat any Guardian without taking damage
Beat Maniac (Bronze)
Earn a 30 or greater timed hit combo
Blacksmith (Bronze)
Level up 10 different weapons
Bleeder (Bronze)
Lose more than 400% health in one Zone without dying
Blood Barrage (Bronze)
Use Blood Barrage Karma Ability to kill 5 or more enemies
Blood Beam (Bronze)
Use Blood Beam Karma Ability on 5 or more enemies at once
Blood Burn (Bronze)
Use Blood Burn Karma Ability to damage 4 different enemy types at once
Bouncer (Bronze)
Complete a Zone using only your fists (no weapons)
Brainiac (Bronze)
Complete any 5 puzzles without using the hint lever
Choice Meat (Bronze)
Defeat 25 Butchers with the Great Cleaver
Comatose (Bronze)
Reach Zone 100
Consumer (Bronze)
Make a purchase in Howard's shop
Couch Potato (Silver)
Complete your Broadcasts Checklist 100%
Creator (Bronze)
Create a character
Deep Sleeper (Bronze)
Reach Zone 50
Disorderly Conduct (Bronze)
Defeat 25 Nurses with the Steel Pipe
Emissary (Silver)
Complete Valtiel's missions in Zones 1 through 21
Executioner (Bronze)
Perform a timed execution on 10 enemies in one Zone
Fireman (Bronze)
Defeat the Fire Guardian
Hammer Time (Bronze)
Defeat 25 Bogeymen with the Bogeyman's Hammer
Hyperthymesiac (Platinum)
Earn every trophy in the game
Klutz (Bronze)
Trigger every kind of trap in the game
Librarian (Silver)
Complete your Notes Checklist 100%
Light Heal Me (Bronze)
Use Heal Me Karma Ability to restore 25% or more health
Light Heal Us (Bronze)
Use Heal Us Karma Ability to restore 50% or more health each to 3 players (multiplayer)
Light Heal You (Bronze)
Use Heal You Karma Ability to restore 50% or more health to a friend (multiplayer)
Light Napper (Bronze)
Complete Zone 1
Lumberjack (Bronze)
Defeat the Wood Guardian
Master (Bronze)
Level up to LVL 50
Medic (Bronze)
Drop a health pack after a friend requests one (multiplayer)
Miner (Bronze)
Defeat the Earth Guardian
Moneybags (Bronze)
Spend over 250,000 MR in Howard's shop
Ninja (Bronze)
Complete a Zone without turning on your flashlight
Novice (Bronze)
Level up to LVL 2
Phlebotomist (Bronze)
Defeat the Blood Guardian
Plumber (Bronze)
Defeat the Water Guardian
Power Breaker (Bronze)
Use Weapon Breaker Power Move with a weapon that's about to shatter
Power Charger (Bronze)
Use Charge Tackle Power Move to knock one enemy into another
Power Flasher (Bronze)
Use Flash Burst Power Move to kill 5 or more stunned enemies in a row
Power Inverter (Bronze)
Use Karma Flip Power Move to flip 8 or more enemies at once
Power Repeller (Bronze)
Use Push Force Power Move to knock 8 or more enemies back at once
Power Savior (Bronze)
Use Health Siphon Power Move to bring a dying friend back to life (multiplayer)
Power Switcher (Bronze)
Use 360 Attack Power Move to strike 4 or more enemies at once
Pyramid Scheme (Bronze)
Defeat 25 Pyramid Heads with the Great Knife
Saint (Bronze)
Achieve the LIGHT ending in every Forsaken Room
Sandman (Bronze)
Defeat the Light Guardian
Sinner (Bronze)
Achieve the BLOOD ending in every Forsaken Room
Storyteller (Silver)
Achieve all 6 of the game's endings
Sugar High (Bronze)
Complete a Zone without stopping for more than 30 seconds total
Tommfoolery (Bronze)
Perform every in-game VO clip for one character
Veterinarian (Silver)
Complete your Bestiary Checklist 100%
Wingman (Bronze)
Defeat any Guardian with all four players still alive (multiplayer)

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