Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

There are 34 Bronze Trophies, 9 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.
Apprentice Pin Collector (Bronze)
Acquired a Collectible Pin for the first time
Blot Alley Superstar (secret) (Bronze)
Befriended the Blotworx and helped Petetronic
Can I Get a Pin of That? (Platinum)
Earned all other trophies in the game
Clear! (Bronze)
Mickey revived Oswald while playing co-op
Devoted Pin Collector (Bronze)
Found 88 Collectible Pins
Dragon Defeat (secret) (Silver)
Defeated the Blotworx Dragon
Dress-up (Bronze)
Changed costumes for the first time
Dressed to Impress (Silver)
Collected every Costume
Fall From Grace (Bronze)
Entered Angel Falls, exited Devil Falls
Film Buff (Silver)
Collected every 2D Film Reel
Fortified (secret) (Bronze)
Scouted a path through Fort Wasteland
Full-court Prescott (secret) (Bronze)
Chased Prescott through the Floatyard
Get with the Program (Bronze)
Reprogrammed a Beetleworx
Go with the Flow (secret) (Bronze)
Solved OsTown's Thinner problem
Hard Hat Area (Bronze)
Got through Ventureland's construction area
Heads Up (Bronze)
Matched Seth's flowers to OsTown's statue
Heroes of Wasteland (Bronze)
Built both statues in OsTown
Junker (Bronze)
Destroyed 50 enemies
Lab Tested (Bronze)
Finished Yen Sid's Lab
Make Your Own Way (Bronze)
Ignored Daisy AND Smee's suggestions
Master Pin Collector (Gold)
Collected 176 Collectible Pins
Not-So-Sleepy Hollow (Bronze)
Revealed every knothole surprise
Off Track (Silver)
Shuttered all four train stations
Oswald's New Groove (Bronze)
Finished Dark Beauty Castle with two players
Perfectionist (Gold)
Finished all quests
Picture Perfect (Bronze)
Got all three of Metairie's pictures
Prince Charming (Silver)
Befriended 100 enemies
Projector Corrector (Bronze)
Restarted the Rainbow Falls Substation
Race the Autotopia Speedway (secret) (Bronze)
Completed a race in Autotopia
Recycler (Bronze)
Befriended 50 enemies
Rogues Gallery (Bronze)
Photographed every enemy
Running the Gauntlet (secret) (Bronze)
Got through Blot Alley by any means
Siphon...Siphoff... (secret) (Bronze)
Dealt with all the Guardian Siphons
Staff Photographer (Silver)
Got all Adelle's photos from the official Picture Spots
Statue Garden (Gold)
Awakened every Spirit
The Bigger They Are... (secret) (Silver)
Defeated Prescott's mechanical creation
Thinderella (Silver)
Destroyed 100 enemies
Things Are Worxing Out (secret) (Bronze)
Opened the way to Blot Alley
Trailblazer (secret) (Bronze)
Braved Disney Gulch
Tryptic (secret) (Bronze)
Dealt with all 3 dioramas
Tunnel Mouse (Bronze)
Played through every D.E.C.
Walking the Mean Streets (Bronze)
Navigated both halves of Mean Street
We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do! (Bronze)
Awakened a Spirit
When You Wish Upon a Star (Bronze)
Painted every star and comet in Yen Sid's Lab
Who Left These Lying Around? (Bronze)
Rescued all the gremlins
You Must be This Tall to Ride (secret) (Silver)
Defeated the Mad Doctor's new ride
Your Conscience Be Your Guide (secret) (Bronze)
Found a way through the Rainbow Caverns

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