Star Ocean: Second Evolution

Extra Difficulty Modes
     These  new  difficulty modes will be available on a new game file 
after completing the necessary tasks.

Galaxy Mode: Defeat 2,000 monsters.

Universe Mode: Defeat 2,000 monsters.

Glitches: No Encounters in Dungeons
     Like  the  other  Star  Ocean  for PSP, if you open the disc tray 
while  in  a  dungeon, you will not face any battles. Just remember to 
close the disc tray everytime you change screens (causing it to reload 
data), or before boss fights.

Unlocking the Cave of Trials
     There  is  a  secret  dungeon  in  the  game  called the "Cave Of 
Trials".  To  unlock  it,  you  must  use  the save point right before 
fighting Gabriel. Your save icon should turn blue. Then, return to the 
arena  in Fun City, and talk to the old man in the stands in the north 
side  of  the arena. He says he can recover your memories; accept, and 
you'll  return  to  Arlia  on  Expel. Leave Arlia and you'll have your 
Psynard;  the  Cave Of Trials is located at the lone dot on the desert 
island, southwest on the world map.

Voice Player
     Beat  the  game  once on any difficulty, and you unlock the Voice 
Player.  Beat  the  game  with  additional characters in your party to 
unlock their respective voices.

Removing Gabriel's Limiter
     First  off,  you must witness the Private Action in Kurik where a 
woman named Philia is warning the citizens to evacuate the city. Next, 
you  must  reach  the final save point in Phynal. After that, you must 
leave  Phynal  and  view  a Private Action in Centropolis. You'll find 
Philia again in the lobby of the main building. After you talk to her, 
Gabriel's  limiter  will  be removed and he will be much more powerful 
than his original form. It is recommended that you go through the Maze 
of Tribulations and get your levels very high (120+ at the very least) 
before attempting to fight him.

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