Rengoku: The Tower of Purgatory

Alternate ending sequence:
     Successfully  complete  the  game  two  times  to  view an ending
sequence that features a bonus FMV sequence.

Do not lose items when you die:
     When  you die, press Home and quit the game. Reload the same file
and  you  will have the items. However, you will be as far back as you
were when you saved. Perform at your own risk.

Infinite power up from start of game:
     When you first begin the game and are in the room where you first
get  a  weapon  and  learn  how  to  turn items into Elixir, turn both
weapons that you get into Elixir. Because the programmers did not want
you  to  have  to start without a weapon, both weapons will re-appear.
Collect  both weapons again, then turn both of them into Elixir again.
Repeat  the  process  as  long as desired. Because Elixirs are used to
power-up   you   can  make  your  character  as  powerful  as  desired
immediately at the start of the game.

More elixer:
     When  you  first start, go to the red glowing circle and press X.
It will teleport you to a room with two weapons spinning on the floor.
Pick these up and press X to open the customizer. Once inside, go down
to  "Equip".  Press  X(2) and you should see one of the weapons become
highlighted.  Press  Triangle  on  the  weapon  and  select "Return to
elixer".  This gives you more elixir to customize your body. Exit this
screen  and the weapons will reappear on the floor beside you. You can
repeat this as many times as desired.

     Get  the weapons in the start and turn them into elixir until you
upgrade  yourself  very high. Then, clear the first and second floors.
On the third floor, get a 75mm Howitzer, at least one Gattling Cannon,
and  the  ammo  pack  legs.  Go  back  to  the  first  floor and start
overkilling  by  shooting  with  the Howitzer and holding the Gattling
Cannon to finish. Each opponent should drop three or four weapons at a
time,  and  you will find at least one opponent per room, if not more.
Continue  doing  this  and  selling  the  equips you find You will get
around 5000 elixer each time you clear the floor. JDude919.

Gallery pictures:
     Complete  the following tasks to unlock the corresponding picture
in the gallery.

A.D.A.M: Save the game once.
Deucalion-A: Successfully complete the game twice.
Deucalion-B: Successfully complete the game twice.
Gryphus: Defeat Gryphus in the level 8 Boss fight in the Tower.
Lycaon: Defeat Lycaon in the Tower.
Mars: Defeat Mars in the Tower.
Statius: Defeat Statius in the level 7 Boss fight in the Tower.
Type01: Save the game once.
Alkmaion: Defeat Alkmaion in the level 6 Boss fight in the Tower.
Briareos: Defeat Briareos in the level 4 Boss fight in the Tower.
Minos: Defeat Minos in the level 3 Boss fight in the Tower.
Sphinx: Defeat Sphinx in the level 5 Boss fight in the Tower.

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