Prince of Persia: Revelations

Unlimited sand
     If  you  reach  a save point, there might be a vase with an extra
sand  slot. Destroy it to get the sand. Save the game, then fall off a
ledge  or get killed. Load your saved game and destroy the vase again.
This will give you unlimited sand to work with.

Defeating ninjas
     You  can kill ninjas quite easily by using combo attacks and dual
wielding  a  dagger-like weapon while they are not blocking (after you
hit them once). Quickly press [Triangle], [Circle]x2 after their guard
is down for a one hit kill.

Defeating women
     Killing  women  is  difficult  because  they always block and you
cannot  jump  over  them.  To easily kill them, run towards a wall and
press [Square]. You will launch off the wall towards the nearest enemy
and hit them. This is unblockable, but not undodgeable. This will also
knock them down so you can stab them while they are vulnerable and use
a combo on them when they get up.

How to beat Shadee the tutorial boss:
     Beating  the  tutorial  boss is actually quite easy if you follow
the following rules:

1) Defend at all times.
     Remember  that  even  if  the  R  shoulder  is  held that after a
cut-scene you won't be defending. You'll need to release and repress R
fast to avoid damage.

2) Don't bother moving around unless you want a better camera view - 
it doesn't really help the fight.

3) Watch the boss fight.
     Her worst manoeuvre is those double swords upwards. If you're not
defending  (i.e. counter-attacking) when she does them you'll toast up
to  30%  of  your  life. Therefore the objective is to avoid them. The
ONLY  way  to avoid them is to counter an attack just after them. It's
too  hard  to  predict  when she'll do one, just that she won't do two
immediately in a row.

     Wait  and  bate  her by moving if necessary into doing a sequence
(remember  you're  ALWAYS  defending). When the swords thrust up, wait
until  they've pulled down for her down hit and bang [square] (all the
time defending) to counter-attack this particular attack.

     You'll  always  do  a clean counter hit and only on occasion take
damage.  Be patient, ensure you started with maximum health and you'll
always win.

     Sadly  when  she's  down to 25% you wuss out, loose focus and get
slaughtered,  but  this  is  a  narrative  slaughter  rather  than the
humiliation of having to restart the tutorial.

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