Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce

Secret Characters
     Most of these can be found throughout the story mode.

Diao Chan:     Clear 5-Star Version of "Battle of Hu Lao Gate"

Dong Zhuo:     Clear 5-Star Version of "Battle of Luo Yang"  
               and "Battle of Mei Castle"

Lu Bu:         Beat Chapter 6 on Story Mode

Yuan Shao:     Clear Request Mission "Zenith Tower" at Chapter 6

Zhang Jiao:    Clear 5-Star Version of "Yellow Turban Rebellion"

Level up your town easily
     To  level  your  town  up  easily  in  game start any battle then
immediately  quit  the  battle,  you  will  be sent back to your town,
however  the  buildings  in  the  town  will still gain points (points
differs  by  what  cards  you  have set). By doing this you can easily
raise  the  buildings meter to be ready for level up, but remember you
still need the items for the level up.

How to get your 4th Costume
     You have to get 1000 kills on that character.

4th costume:   Get 1000 kills on the particular character

Third Outfit
     Reach level 10 on a character to obtain their 3rd outfit.

3rd Outfit: Reach level 10

Facility Bonuses
     How to get extra EXP bonuses for you facilities.

Ability Bonus: 3 Officer cards of the same rank (Lord, Off., or Strat.) 
               give +3 bonus to all Officer cards, 4 of the same give +5, 
               and 5 of the same give +10

Face Bonus:    3 Officer cards of the same character model give +3 bonus 
               to all Officer cards, 4 of the same give +5, 
               and 5 of the same give +10

Force Bonus:   3 Officer cards of the same force (Wu, Wei, or Shu) give 
               +3 bonus to all facilities, 4 of the same give +5, 
               and 5 of the same give +10

Element Bonus: 3 Officer cards of the same element give +5 bonus each 
               card's attribute, 4 of the same give +10, and 5 of 
               the same give +20

Treasures in your vault

24 War Manuals:     Complete game as shu

4 Gods statue:      Make friends online with several people

5 Colored stones:   Collect all 5 star orbs

Art of War:         Complete game as Wu

Awards of Valor:    Collect a great number of spoils in 1 battle

Banana leaf fan:    Obtain an ultimate weapon

Book of Illusions:  Completer chapter 6

bronze phesant:     Fully level up city

Dragon Ring:        Complete many bonus objectives

Grand Histories:    Complete chapter 3

He's Jade:          Level character to 50

Hex mark:           Win many VS battles

Imperial Seal:      Victory in many battles

Meng De's Manual:   Complete game as wei

Mo Xie sword:       Learn all 5 star Chi Skills

Red Hare:           Defeat Lu Bu many times

Shadow Runner:      Win several legends quests

Shan Hai Jing:      Collect all officer cards

War God Statue:     Defeated all mosou officers

Way of Peace:       Win a battle with every character once

Hidden card combos for town facility
     By  using specific cards, you will be able to unlock extra growth
rates bonus for your town facility.

Anti Dong Zhuo - Storehouse +30: 
Cao Cao, Sun Jian, Liu Bei and Yuan Shao

Beauty and the Beast - Exchange +30: 
Dong Zhuo and Diao Chan

Cao Cao personal bodyguards - Storehouse +30: 
Dian Wei and Xu Zhu

Cao Couple - Exchange +30: 
Cao Pi and Zhen Ji

Cao Family - Workshop +50: 
Cao Cao, Cao Pi and Cao Ren

Chained Plots - Exchange +30: 
Lu Buand Diao Chan

Father and Son - Academy +30: 
Guan Yu and Guan Ping

Five Beauties - Storehouse +99: 
Xiao Qiao, Yue Ying, Diao Chan, Zhen Ji and Sun Shang Xiang

Five Tigers of Shu - Blacksmith +99: 
Guan Yu, Zhao Yun, Zhang Fei, Huang Zhong and Ma Chao

Five Tigers of Wei - Blacksmith +99: 
Zhang Liao, Xu Huang, Zhang He, Gan Jing and Yue Jin

Husband and Wife - Exchange +30: 
Zhuge Liang and Yue Ying

Master and bodyguard - Workshop +30: 
SunQuan and Zhou Tai

Old Friends - Storehouse +30: 
Cao Cao and Yuan Shao

Peach Garden Oath - Workshop +50: 
Guan Yu, Liu Bei and Zhang Fei

Political Marriage - Blacksmith +30: 
Liu Bei and Sun Shang Xiang

Sun Family - Workshop +50: 
Sun Jian, Sun Quan, Sun Ce and Sun Shang Xiang

Three genius - Market +50: 
Zhuge Liang, Sima Yi and Zhou Yu

Xiahou Brothers - Market +30: 
Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan

Yellow Turbans -Academy +50: 
Zhang Liao, Zhang Bao and Zhang Jiao

Young Wife - Exchange +30: 
Zhou Yu and Xiao Qiao

Item Duplication
     This  will  double  the current amount of the item traded. 1.Save
your  game  first.  2.Trade  the  item you want to another player. The
other  player  could  trade  you 0 item. 3.Exit to the main menu, when
asked  if  you would like to save, just select "No". Reload your game.
4.When  you  load,  you  would still have the traded item and also the
other player. 5.Have the other player save his game then have the item
traded  back  to  you.  Save your game. 6.Have the other player follow
step  3.  Now  both of you have the duplicated item. 7.Just follow the
steps above until you reached the number of items desired.

4th Outfit
     Clear at least 50 missions with to obtain their 4th outfit.

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