DJ Max Portable 2

Play "Your Own Miracle" Bonus Stage (Staff/Credits)
     To  play "Your Own Miracle" as your 5th stage in "#K Mode", clear
all  songs  with  an average of 96% or higher. This is the only way to
play this song outside of some Xtreme Challenge missions, as this song
cannot   be  unlocked.  Also,  this  song  counts  toward  your  Album
Collection (how many times played and high score).

     Also,  in 4K mode only, this song has a "Hard Style". You may get
this  instead  of "Normal Style", but I'm not certain as to how except
for  maybe  a higher hit % above 96%. This will also add another entry
to your Album Collection.

Unlockable Gears/Skins
     You  begin  the game with the Basic Gear, but there are many more
to  unlock,  each with their own bonuses and stylish looks. And thanks
to wepon1984 for helping me figure out what some of the unlock methods
were and for compiling an easy to read spreadsheet.

01. Basic Gear Default Gear
02. Green Miles Gear Play 4 Songs (excluding missions)
03. Twin Death Gear Reach Level 13
04. PG-Black Gear Reach Level 23
05. PGP Gear Reach Level 31
06. Hello Pinky Gear Reach Level 39
07. SummerTime Gear Clear "Reverse Track" mission, or play 1110 songs 
    (excluding missons)
08. Santa Gear Win 30 Network Battles, or play 960 songs 
    (excluding missions)
09. NB RANGER Gear Get a combo of 30000 in Freestyle, or play 300 songs
    (excluding missions)
10. Golden Gear Clear "Score Attack" Mission
11. Mystic Forest Clear "Mental Storm" Mission, or play 840 songs 
    (excluding missions)
12. Winterstar Gear Get a combo of 69000 in Freestyle, or play 1530 songs 
    (excluding missions)
13. Ruby Spinel Gear Reach Level 47
14. Aqua Spinel Gear Reach Level 53
15. Puppy Gear Reach Level 63
16. Method Gear Win 50 Network Battles, or play 1590 songs 
    (excluding missions)
17. White Gear Get a combo of 99999 in Freestyle, or play 2580 songs 
    (excluding missions)
18. Neonsign Gear Get a combo of 85000 in Freestyle, or play 2580 songs 
    (excluding missions)
19. Portable Gear Clear "HeLLord" Mission, or play 2340 songs 
    (excluding missions)
20. Alien Gear Reach Level 99

Unlockable Songs
     There  are  several  unlockable  songs  in the game, with various
conditions  on  how  to  unlock  them. Here's how to get them all! And
thanks  to wepon1984 for helping me figure out what some of the unlock
methods were and for compiling an easy to read spreadsheet.

Another Day             Get a combo of 4000 or above in FreeStyle
Brave it Out            Clear "Soul's Melody" missoin
Cherokee                Get a combo of 7800 or above in FreeStyle
Fentanest               Win 10 Network battles, or play 520 songs 
                        (excluding missions)
Memoirs                 Reach Level 45
Minus 3                 Reach Level 70
NB POWER                Reach Level 82
NB RANGERS: Returns     Reach Level 55
Negative Nature         Reach Level 10
Nightmare               Clear "Bloody MANIcure" mission, 
                        or play 1860 songs (excluding missions)
Plastic Method          Clear "Missing You" mission
Rolling on the Duck     Clear 40 songs in Link Disc mode, 
                        or play 2730 songs (excluding missions)
Starfish                Clear "Rock or Die" mission
Syriana                 Collect 17 different discs, or play 390 songs 
                        (excluding missions)
WhiteBlue               Collect all 22 discs, or play 670 songs 
                        (excluding missions)

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