Armored Core 3 Portable

Obtain emblem from defeated Arena Opponents
Select a defeated opponent, then while on the profile of the defeated opponent, simultaneously press L and R. You will hear a confirmation noise if done correctly. The emblem will replace your current emblem.
Simultaneously press L and R while on the profile of an Arena opponent
Obtain the defeated opponent's emblem as your current emblem
Unlock OP-INTENSIFY Abilities
If you equip the optional part OP-INTENSIFY, at first it does nothing. As you complete various tasks in the game with it equipped, however, it unlocks a variety of abilities. Here's how to unlock each ability (make sure you have it equipped while you do these).
Blade wave ability (press the left arm weapon button, then hit boost mid-swing)
Complete "Destroy Massive Weapon."
Enhanced booster performance
Defeat arena opponent A-2, Ace.
Enhanced cooling performance
Successfully complete "Destroy Massive MT."
Enhanced core missile interception
In "Defend Water Processors," defeat the AC and complete the mission.
Enhanced turning performance
In "Bomb Disarmament," defeat the AC and complete the mission.
Fire back weapons without kneeling
In "Destroy Massive MT," destroy both parts of the MT.
Improved targeting accuracy
In "Defend Ruglen Laboratory," defeat the AC and complete the mission.
Increased blade range
Defeat arena opponent E-32, Exile.
Radar function, even without a radar equipped
Defeat arena oppnent D-1, Thunder House.
Various sensor functions (bio sensor, missile tracking, etc.)
In "Eliminate Intruders," defeat the AC and complete the mission.
Unlock or find all hidden parts
Here's is a list of all the ways to find or unlock hidden parts. For some parts found in missions, you must have a high enough company loyalty rating or the part won't appear (some bonus missions won't activate because of this as well). If this happens, all you can do is finish the story mode and come back for it when all the missions are open again.
CAL-44-EAS (arms)
Added to shop as you progress story mode.
CAW-DC-03 (weapon arms)
Defeat rank A-1 in arena.
CAW-DS604 (PSP exclusive back unit)
Added to shop as you progress story mode.
CBT-FLEET (booster)
Found in mission "Destroy Massive MT." It's behind a hill in the northwest corner.
CEBT-HEX (extension)
Complete "Safeguard Alloy Sample" without losing the transport.
CEEC-01-XSP2 (extension)
Complete "Eradicate Life Forms" without breaking the gas canisters.
CHD-04-YIV (head)
In "Defend Naire Bridge," it's below the start, on a platform under the bridge. You have to go to the open end and fly back underneath.
CHD-GLITCH (PSP exclusive head)
Defeat rank E-33 in arena.
CLL-EM-070 (PSP exclusive legs)
Defeat rank C-10 in arena.
CLR-00-MAK (legs)
Defeat rank A-3 in arena.
CWC-SLU-64 (back unit)
Defeat rank B-7 in arena.
CWGG-GR-12 (right arm weapon)
Defeat rank C-15 in arena.
CWGG-HG-10 (PSP exclusive right arm weapon)
In "Defend Helicopter Crew," the part is on top of a pipeline to the northeast.
CWM-S60-10 (back unit)
Awarded after first arena victory.
CWX-LIX-10 (back unit)
Added to shop as you progress story mode.
CWX-LIX-10 (legs)
Added to shop as you progress story mode.
KES-ES/MIRROR (left arm shield)
Perform well enough in "Defend Water Processors" to activate the bonus mission. Take and complete the bonus mission for the part.
KWB-MARS (right arm weapon)
Found on a beam under the starting platform in "Destroy Massive Weapon."
KWG-HZL30 (left arm weapon)
In "Destroy Naire Bridge," destroy both monorails that go by and complete the mission.
KWM-AD-50 (back unit)
Don't get hit by a single missile in "MT Training Exercise."
KWX-OC-22 (back unit)
Destroy all enemies in "Destroy Germ Canisters" and complete the mission.
MAL-303S (PSP exclusive arms)
Defeat rank D-5 in arena.
MCM-MX/002 (core)
Added to shop as you progress story mode.
MEBT-OX/MB (extension)
In "Rescue the Survey Team," it's hidden in a nook in the wall to the left of the closed door.
MEST-MX/CROW (extension)
In "Disable Pulse Generators," there is a breakable grate above one of the generators on the lower level. Go through this grate to find the part.
MGP-VE905 (generator)
Defeat rank D-15 in arena.
MHD-RE/H10 (PSP exclusive head)
In "Destroy Escaping MT," it's just outside the door where the real mission target appears.
MLB-MOONLIGHT (left arm weapon)
Complete "Destroy Massive MT" without a consort.
MLB-T/100 (PSP exclusive left arm weapon)
In "Assault Crest Facility," it's on top of the last generator.
Get a good score in AC Test 1 (around 35-40 targets without missing).
Added to shop as you progress story mode.
MLR-ZMX (PSP exclusive legs)
Defeat rank B-2 in arena.
MRL-SS/SPHERE (back unit)
Found in "Protect Crest Convoy," behind a radar dish to the left of the revine near the start.
MWC-XP02/75 (PSP exclusive back unit)
In "Defend Energy Reactor," it's on the floor in one of the right-side hiding spots on the way to the reactor.
MWG-HG/111 (PSP exclusive right arm weapon)
It's a the bottom of the molten pit in "Bomb Disarmament."
MWG-KARASAWA (right arm weapon)
Destroy the cannons as quickly as possible in "Destroy Gun Emplacements" to activate a bonus mission. Complete the bonus mission to get the part.
MWG-SBZ/24 (right arm weapon)
Found at the bottom level of the ship in "Recover Ship Cargo."
MWG-XCB/75 (right arm weapon)
Destroy the enemy AC in "Defend Ruglen Laboratory" and complete the level.
MWGG-XCG/20 (right arm weapon)
Added to shop as you progress story mode.
MWI-DD/20 (inside part)
Found in "Defend Water Processors," on the ground behind the pipes to the right of the mission start.
MWR-M/45 (back unit)
It's behind an outcropping at the top of the dam in "Safeguard Water Supply."
MWX-MX/STRING (back unit)
Complete the game.
OP-E-LAI (optional part)
Defeat rank C-5 in arena.
OP-E-LAP (optional part)
Added to shop as you progress story mode.
OP-INTENSIFY (optional part)
Complete the game.
RIX-CR5000 (PSP exclusive radiator)
In "Eliminate Infiltrators," after opening the door to floor 6F, it's along the far wall.
RMR-ICICLE (radiator)
In "Defend Personnel Convoy," don't lose a single ally vehicle.
Defeat rank D-10 in arena.

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