War of the Monsters

     To  make  a  title wave on the tsunopolis level look for a flying
saucer  floating  over the water. Jump on one of the buildings closest
to the flying saucer. Then throw an object at it. Make sure you are on
a building or you will get hit by a wave.

Unlock Sweetooth from Twisted Metal 
     To  unlock  Sweet  Tooth  as a playable character, begin the game
with  a  completed save from Twisted Metal: Black on your memory card.
Sweet Tooth will be available as Agamo's fourth costume.

Earning Battle Tokens Quickly
     In  order to purchase everything in the game, you'd normally have
to  play  through  the  single  player  portion multiple upon multiple
times.  Not  so.  You're  actually  able  to load a saved game without
reverting  back  to  the  number  of tokens you had at the time of the
save.  Any  tokens  you earn will always stay with you and add to your
total,  regardless  if  you load a saved game. You can also change the
difficulty level and play a saved game at that new setting, which will
earn you more tokens.

     The  best  way  to  take advantage of this is to play all the way
through  the single player game on any difficulty setting, making sure
you  save  when  you reach the last boss. The last level gives you far
and  away  the most tokens, and once you get the pattern down it's not
an  overly  difficult  battle. Every time you load that level, beat it
and  then  save  the  game, your Battle Token total will increase by a
nice amount.

     You should earn a minimum of around 30,000 tokens for beating the
last  boss  on  Easy level, 45,000 on Medium, and 60,000 on Hard. Once
you're  able  to beat Cerebulon on Easy mode, bump it up to Medium and
then  Hard difficulty. The fight normally takes around five minutes if
you  can beat him without having to continue, so it won't take long to
earn enough credits to buy everything in the game.

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