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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Transformers: The Game

Автор: Cody
This game is pretty cool. You can play as an Autobot or Decepticon. The environment is totally interactive. You can pick trees, cars, light posts, fences, and etc. You can destroy buildings and what not. The transformations are well designed. The playability is very easy to master. Overall this game was a cool game to play.

Автор: Clarky
Easily one of the best games I have ever played, I would recommend it. I have played it on Wii and the controls are pretty complicated, but the ps2 is the best. Play as Blackout, Bumblebee, Optimus, Barricade, Megatron and more. The only characters you can't be are Brawl, Ratchet, Frenzy, Bonecrusher and Shockwave (not seen in the movie).

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