Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

Lunar Gravity:
     Pause the game and hold L1, then press up and down.

Unlock All Cheats:
     Go to the Options/Cheats menu, enter "backdoor". To turn them on,
pause while playing and enter the Cheats menu.

Unlock All FMVs:
     Go to the Options/Cheats menu, enter "peepshow". To turn them on,
pause while playing and enter the Cheats menu.

Unlock all characters:
     Go to the Options/Cheats menu, enter "yohomies"

Pirate Ship:
     In  Skater's  Island, grind the pirate flag between the half-pipe
and the set of bowls to open up the outside level (where the last stat
point is) and gain access to the pirate ship.

Hidden area, Tokyo:
     The tokyo area has a cool hidden area. When you start look up and
to the left you should see a circlular neon sign with two wires one on
each  side.  Grind  one  to  make  the  sign unstable and it will fall
crashing  down and opening the secret neon rail area with the suspened

Unlock Warehouse level:
     Complete  all  the  goals  in the game and get gold medals in all
three competitions three times in career mode with a created skater.

Unlock features:
     To unlock the different features, complete all goals and get gold
medals  in  all  three  competitions in career with a different skater
each  time.  Do  this  the indicated amount of times for the different

1 time: Play as Darth Maul
2 times: Play as Wolverine
3 times: Play as Officer Dick
5 times: Play as Private Carrera
6 times: Burnside level from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
7 times: Ollie the magic bum
8 times: Play as Kelly Slater
9 times: Roswell level from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
10 times: Play as Demoness
11 times: Snowboard mode
12 times: Infinite specials
13 times: Perfect balance for rails
14 times: Super Stats
15 times: Huge skater
16 times: Slow-motion mode
17 times: Perfect balance for manuals
18 times: Small skater
19 times: Moon physics
20 times: Expert mode
21 times: First person view 

Unlock tapes:
     Pro Bails tape: Get a medal in all three competitions in career mode.
     All highlight tapes: Get gold medals in all three competitions in
career mode.
     Pro  Bails  2  tape: Get gold medals in all three competitions in
career mode with a created skater.
     Secret  tape: Get gold medals in all three competitions in career
mode with a bonus skater.

     First, you can start with what you want (a slide or in a Pool).

     POOL  CASE : If you do a good trick in a vert, when you land, hit
R2  to  make  a  REVERT  and  then UP-DOWN to continue your trick into
manual.  Then  roll  to  a  slide  or  another  vert. The points still

     SLIDE  CASE  :  Do  a  good slide, then land in manual to another
slide  or  a  vert (to do the revert trick). (Start with a Vert Trick,
than  land  Revert  + Manual to continue the trick and go to a slide!!
Continue until you encounter another vert! :)

     It's  easy  to  score  more  than  100  000 with it (first time I
discovered  the  Revert  + manual trick I made over 280 000 pts in one

Hidden combo grinds:
     Go  to any level and go to a rail. Do a 50/50, then while you are
in the same grind press Triangle, Up; or Triangle, Down; or Down, Down
or; Up, Up The possible hidden combo grinds are:

5050 to 5-0 
5050 to Nose Grind 
5050 to Crooked Grind 
5050 to Nose Bluntslide 
5050 to Bluntslide 
Nose Grind to Nose Bluntslide 
5-0 to Bluntslide 
Nose Slide to Nose Bluntslide 
Tail Slide to Bluntslide 

To pivot a manual, hit R2 while manualing
To do a noseslide while nosegrinding, crooked grinding, or bluntsliding,
hit Circle, Circle.
To do a overcrook while nose grinding and sliding, or nose blunting,
hit Square, Square, etc. etc.
To change the kind of stall you are doing, hit left Left or Right Right or
Left Right or Right Left Triangle mid stall, applies to all stalls,
and inverts. 

     If  you  do a special manual other than the one footed nosemanual
or  the  sproing,  pressing  Right Left or Right Right or Left Left or
Left  Right  Triangle  and  Left  Left  Circle  will  change  you into
freestyle  tricks. Press Left and flip to do the flip assigned to that

Kid Skaters:
     Go  into  the  create-a-skater  section  and  type  in the names:
Spencer Hawk Riley Hawk

Create Players:
     Enter the following names at the create a player screen:

Aaron Skillman
Alan Flores
Andrew Rausch
Andy Nelson
Brian Jennings
Chad Findley
Chris Glenn
Chris Rausch
Chris Ward
Connor Jewett
Darren Thorne
Dave Cowling
Dave Stohl
Edwin Fong
Gary Jesdanun
Henry Ji
James Rausch
Jason Uyeda
Joel Jewett
Johnny Ow
Kevin Mulhall
Lisa Davies
Matthew Day
Mick West
Mike Ward
Nicole Willick
Noel Hines
Nolan Nelson
Paul Robinson
Pete Day
Rachael Day
Ralph D'Amato
Ryan McMahon
Sandy Jewett
Scott Pease
Steve Ganem
Steven Rausch
Trey Smith
William Pease 

80's Mark
Grass Patch
Hi Ben
Jeremy Anderson
Mini Joel
Pimpin Frank
Stacey D 

Score over a BILLION points:
     Goto  'SKATERS ISLAND' put the cheat "MOON PHYSICS ON". Now skate
into  the  center  fenced  in  halfpipe  and get going until you break
through  the  roof.  After the roof breaks apart, the only things left
are these metal poles. It can take a few tries, but try to jump higher
than  the  roof on the next run and up onto the roof, it will make you
get  up  into the roof (a bug in the game) so you can keep doing combo
tricks in the air. This means you can still get points after the timer
runs  out  (doing  rotation  360's  constantly makes the multiplier go
TRICKS,  don't get greedy, if you fall, concentrate on landing instead
of  a  trick  on the way down. A friend and I, playing 2 player battle
got  mad  points,  if you are good you can stay in the air for over 30

Unlock Everything
     Go  to  the cheats menu and enter "Roadtrip" to unlock everything
for your selected skater. That includes all levels, boards, and stats.

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