Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness

Persian Ghetto: Unlimited Money
     Go into the pawn shop after you talk to the women. After you talk
to the man in the pawn shop, leave. Then, go straight until you get to
a  sewer  drain  cover and an object or item toward your left. Pick it
up. It will be money. Go back to the pawn shop. Then, walk back out of
the  pawn  shop.  Return  to  the sewer top where you found the money.
There  will  be  money  there  once  again.  Continue  doing  this for
unlimited money.

See Some Strange Details
     If you get Lara in just the right place. Viewed from bottom while
she  is  standing  still on stairs near the first person you meet when
you  first start playing. You can see up her pant leg. You see nothing
big but you see her figure.

Serpent Rouge Night Club
     Turn  on  the  disco lights that move up and down. Then, go up to
the  second level. There should be a box on the opposite side from the
one  that you came up from. Move that box and climb on top of it. From
there you can climb up again. A huge catwalk will fall. Make a running
jump  and  get to the other side. Next, jump onto the disco lights and
enable  the walk feature. Walk to your right, then turn again once you
reach  the  the end of the frame. Jump and grab the edge. You must now
climb  the  ladder.  There should be a slide with a gap at the bottom.
Slide  down  and jump to the other side. Then, turn left and make that
jump.  Straight  ahead is a metal frame that you can jump to and grab.
Shimmy  across  and  pull  yourself up. Walk to the edge of the wooden
platform  and  jump to the next catwalk with a bridge. Kick the bridge
down and break the door open. Go into the room and pull the left lever
until the broken light is on the bottom left side of the square. Then,
pull  the  right  lever and you can collect the object. Go back across
the  bridge,  then  exit through the door that is in the room with the
levers.  Forget  about  the ladder in there, as all you get is a candy

Unlimited Money Or Items
     Go  to  any  location that you can exit and re- enter easily with
money  or reusable items (health packs, bars, etc.) that can be picked
up. Keep leaving and entering the screen. The money or item will still
be there each time.

Handstand On Ledge
     Hang from a ledge, then press Up and L1, L2, R1, R2. Lara will do
a hanstand on the ledge.

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