Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero


     Press  &  hold  the  following  buttons while choosing your shift
assist option. Keep pressed until the game has loaded:

R2 + X + Circle - Genki Gremlin
L2 + X + Circle - Blue mosquito
L1 + X + Circle - Dog
R1 + X + Circle - Pink creature 

White Carismo car:
     Defeat  the last Zodiac (White Carismo) to unlock his car and get
about  $4  million  dollars. To get $5 million dollars when you defeat
White  Carismo,  let him win the first time he challenges you. Then go
up,  challenge  him,  and  win.  At  the ending you will see a message
appear that saying "Challenge Ending = 5 Million Dollars".

Skyline car:
     Defeat  the  Speed  King to get $3 million and unlock the Skyline
car for purchase.

Display replay meters:
     During a replay, press Select.

View one-on-one battle positions:
     During  a one-on-one battle, press Square to see the positions of
all other cars.

View free run positions:
     At  the course selection screen in free run mode, press Square to
see the other cars.

Control replay view:
     Start  a  replay in the driver view position, then press L1 or R1
to pan the camera.

Fixed replay view:
     Hold Triangle when the replay is about to start.

Full pause screen:
     Pause  the  game  and  press  Triangle + Square. Press Triangle +
Square again to restore the pause screen.

Delete scores:
     At time record screen, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Start.

Analyze option:
     Pause  the game immediately when you start a drive in quest mode.
Scroll  all  the way down the pause menu to access an "Analyze" option
under  "Retire". This allows you to see the turning rate, accelerator,
and brake pressure. This only works at the very start of the drive and
you  cannot  turn  it off once enabled. Note: This may be dependent on
the car type or parts.

     Set the rear spoiler to type 5 for the R30 and R30M, then use the

New nickname:
     Select  any team sticker for your car and the team will get a new

Car part preview:
     Select  the  exhaust or aero at the parts selection screen. Press
Triangle  as  the  view zooms in to keep the camera away from the car.
Press Triangle again to resume the zoom.

Alternate loading sequence:
     Hold  R1  while  selecting  a transmission type. Keep the R1 held
through  out  the loading screen to see a man hanging from the roof of
your car in first person view

Wanderers Requirements:
     While  not  exactly  a cheat, this will allow you to race some of
the  wanderers  that  you may have missed in order to unlock the final

#316 Will appear when days are a multple of 7, you must have a shindowa
#319 you must have an import car and 180 days must have passed 
#326 FF type car needed, days must be a multiple of 10 
#328 6 cars needed in garage 
#329 will appears between 9-11pm 
#330 shonan plate needed, days must be a multiple of 7 
#331 will appear between 2-4am 
#334 must have under 30mi. on odo. 
#338 first two numbers in days total must equal four (ex. 220days) and
     you must be using a two seater 
#340 odo. must have 2000+ mi. 
#341 must have 25 cars in garage 
#342 odo. must have 120mi. or less and you need to use the stock exhast.
#370 your car must be equipped with the stock engine. 

Car Ornament:
     At  the  "Course  Select" screen sfter you have chosen whether to
enable  shift  assist  or  not  press  and  hold  R1 until the race is
finsihed loading. If you then go into first person mode you will see a
little hanging ornament in the top left corner

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