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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 cheats, tips and tricks

Author: me!!!!!!!!
This is only a simple tip but a good one at that: never stop moving, there could be a sniper anywhere, and keep moving while shooting - it'll make you a harder target.

Author: bdude
The cheat people call "god mode" is really just invincibility, but I will still tell you the cheat, pause the game, hold down L2 and R2, and put in, up up up left down down down left, up up up left right, there you have it, O.K.!

Author: jahogus
First start a game with the droids. Play until you get the droideka. Start out as him and get into a ball. Run straight into a wall and keep trying to go in the wall. Press "O" to have your character get up. When he gets out of a ball, you should move right through the wall. It takes a while to know what walls you can go through without dieing.

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