Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII

Enable 1-8 Players:
     Using  this  trick, you can play with as many people as you wish,
up  to  the usual 8, overriding the game's 1-player nature. Here's how
to do it with Historical characters:

     1.  Start  a  scenario of your choice and pick the first player's
     2. Start the game and when the turn comes press L2+R2+Select.
     3.  A  menu  should  pop  up:choose  the first option "Add Player
Officer"  which will bring up a list of every character in the current
scenario. Let Player 2 pick their character from that list.

     Now  you  can  both  play.  This can be done for up to 8 playable

     If you want to use created characters, do the same steps as above
but  make sure you use ''New Officer'' if you want to play as a Ronin,
or  ''New  Country'' if you want to play as a Liege. If both are using
created  characters  to  play  as  Lieges,  register  both under ''New
Country'' first, then select them from the ''Ruler'' list, then follow
the steps above.

Remove Create-a-Character Limiter: 
     This  unlocks  the  limiter  on Bonus points and statistical roll
minimums  when  you  create  a  new  character. Allowing you to create
stronger characters.

Here's how: 

     1.  Find and obtain ownership of all of the Items in the game. In
order  to make sure they are counted, they MUST be owned by one of the
human-controlled  characters.  Just  being  a Liege and ruling someone
with  the item isn't enough; you'll have to Seize it from them in that

     2.  Find  all of the various Sites in the game. Sites can only be
found by Visiting certain officers in certain cities. To increase your
chances of getting a Site, Visit the Prefect of the city. You may have
to do it quite a few times before you get the Visit.

     You can check your progress on the main menu, under ''Sites'' and
''Items  Collection''.  Once  you've  collected  all of the Items, the
limit  on the number of abilities/skills that you can randomly roll is
broken,  so  that  you  could  potentially  have 5 or even 10 starting

     Once  you've  collected all of the Sites, the limit on the number
of Bonus Points you can assign to a Created Character is released, and
you  can  then  be able to use up to the full 100 points. You also are
able to roll higher base stats for all character types!

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