Ring Of The Red

Defeat the new afw in mission 1:
     To  do  this  you  have to surround him and then attack him as he
runs for northern Japan.

AFW ranges:
     Each  of  the 4 AFWs has there own special range to make them the
biggest  threat  in  battle,  if  you  can  engage  the enemy at these
distances  you  are  giving  yourself  a  very  big  step in the right
direction. The AFW1 (weizegers) is most effective at medium range. The
4legged  AFW  (John  and  Ayomo) are most effective at long range. The
AFW2  (ryogo)  is most effective at medium range. and The light AfW is
most effective at short range. When you start the battle your accuracy
rating will be at 55% or better.

Battle hints:
     One  way  to make the battle go your way is to take foot soldiers
that  have  skills  such as co-op, rapid fire, and chain mines, snipe.
Some  skills  that  you  can use when they are your crew are shrapnel,
incendiary,  incendiary  shrapnel  and  WP (white phosphorus). With no
soldiers  to  shoot  at  you, you will only have to worry about damage
from  the  AFW.  Another sure fire way to get the soldiers off of your
butt  is to use Kinesato's Maximum Attack" Spray Fire". Use this skill
when  the  enemies'  soldiers  are  at  the  vanguard (front line) and
Kinesato will target them all causing LOT'S of damage.

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