Onimusha Warlords

Change Costumes:
     If  you  want your character to look different, then complete the
game and then start a new game. Remember to save before starting a new
game.  You  will now see a "Normal/Special" option. Select the special
option you will be shown in a panda suit.

Sneakpeak of Onimusha 2:
     After  you  complete  the game for the first time, save the game.
Then  start  a  new  game. Look at the "Special Report" to see a small
sneakpeak  of  Onimusha 2, which takes place 10 years after the events
in Onimusha Warlords.

More souls:
     wait  for  the  enemy  to  attack and counter it with the thunder
sword  because this is the fastest so when you kill it it will release
more souls

Final battle made easy:
     When  you are battling fortinbras hit him with the fire magic and
his  body will fall to the ground then kick him about 6 times then use
your thunder orb keep doing this to beat him easily

Super arrows:
     Enhance  your  arrows using the fire orb to turn your arrows into
fire ones

Dark realm entrance 2:
     There  is  a room where the man whom lets you into the dark realm
appears it's in the keep on the 2nd left

Kaede outfit:
     Get  an  S  ranking  at  the  end  of the game to unlock a second
costume for Kaede

Different gaunlets:
     You will get a better shiny gauntlet when you collect 20,000 souls

Gold gauntlet:
     Get 50,000 souls to unlock it



Character change:
     To get the character change you will need to pick up 10 pieces of

Oni Spirits mini-game:
     If  you collect all 20 pieces of fluorite, at the end of the game
you will open up a mini-game called Oni Spirits.

Here is a list of all 20 pieces of fluorite:
     1)  The  first  piece is in the underground temple, north east of
the seiryu.

     2)  the 2nd piece is after osric(first boss) destroy the pots and
it is laying on the ground.

     3)  In  the  courtyard area, and next to the staircase their is a
chest, holding an herb. The fluorite is on the shelf above the stairs.

     4)  On the 2nd floor of the courtyard, in the West area, their is
a  chest  holding  arrows,  destroy  the boxes to get another piece of

     5) Right after you meet Tokichiro, you will enter a room with the
seiryu, fluorite and suzaku on your way to the stairs.

     6)  In  the underground section (after you receive the wind orb),
you will find a piece of fluorite in the iron maiden.

     7)  In  the  room  you  get the blue key in you will find another
piece of fluorite.

     8)  (Same area) before the door that is locked with the blue key,
there is another piece in the corner.

     9)  In  the  next  section there is 3 pieces. You will have taken
control  of  Kaede at this point. There are 2 pieces in the South west
section along the wall in the corners.

     10)  In  the  East (middle section) there is another piece in the
shelves. (The room with the silver plate in it.)

     11) in the room to the north of the sacred knife their is another
chunk of fluorite.

     12)  At  this  Point  I suggest trying the dark realm, their is 3
pieces  of  fluorite  in their, the floors that they are on is random.
But  by  this Point, you should have the vision staff. Making fluorite

     15)  From  the courtyard, go northwest. Then head north until you
hit  a  room  with a barrier held by a rope. Cut the rope and grab the

     16)  On the top floor of the turret, you will find another piece,
it should glow if you picked up the vision staff.

     17) Next to the waterfall there is a building with two boats, the
boat in the water contains a piece of fluorite.

     18)  You  will  have  control  of Kaede once again right from the
start you will find a room with an herb and a journal, and against the
wall with the herb you'll find another piece.

     19)  Go  north of the mirror on the boat and in the room that you
get to you will find another piece against the Southwest corner.

     20)  In the room to the northwest of the green key,(the room that
leads  to the decorated arrow) across from the ladder there is another

Oni Spirits Orb locations:
Thunder orb stage 2, 
Fire orb stage 4, 
and the Wind orb is on stage 7. 

New mode:
     If you can finish all 12 levels on the mini game Oni Spirits, you
will  unlock  a  new mode. Choose this mode to start the game with the
following  equipment,  The Bishamon sword, 99 soul absorbers, infinite
normal arrows and infinite matchlock bullets.

Final score:
     You  are  awarded  a final score after finishing onimusha. If you
have  30  points, you will receive S class, in which Kaede will have a
new  costume.  25-29 points will net you an A rating. For 18-24 points
you  will  receive  a B rating. 10-17 points will give you a C rating.
And  for 0-9 points you will receive a D rating. You are scored on how
many  demons you killed, how many souls you collected, how many pieces
of fluorite you picked up and your play time.

Where to get the Bishamon sword:
     To  get the very powerful Bishamon sword you must complete the 20
levels  of  the  dark  realm.  On the 20th floor, you will receive the
Bishamon  Flute. Upon entering the demon door, the bishamon sword will
be  in the room next to the mirror (on the East side). When you get to
the  sword  use  the  bishamon flute and you will receive the Bishamon

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