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Need For Speed: Most Wanted cheats, tips and tricks

Author: PIZZA
How to get a retarded helicopter every time! First, you need Condition four or five. Second, go to the far entrance from Rosewood (The Highway). Third, when you get the first four-way intersection, take a left onto the long strip of grass between downtown Rockport's highway. Fourth, go to the unfinished bridge. When you get there, turn your car to downtown Rockport. Finally, just drive forward and don't let go until the helicopter starts going in circles. (Make sure in a pursuit).

Author: need for speed king
Pink Slip locations - Bonus markers.
#15 - Sonny middle marker then any other one.
#14 - Taz middle then any other one.
#13 - Vic middle then left one.
#12 - Izzy middle then any other one.
#11 - Big Lou middle then any other one.
#10 - Baron middle then the left one.
#9 - Earl middle then the left one.
#8 - Jewels middle then left one.
#7 - Kaze middle then left one.
#6 - Ming middle then left one.
#5 - Webster middle then left one.
#4 - JV middle then any other one.
#3 - Ronnie middle then the right one.
#2 - Bull middle then the left one.
#1 - Razor. Get all your milestones and race events complete to challenge Razor and get your car back from him. Then out run police and finish the game.

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