Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3

Unlock All Characters
To unlock every character in the game automatically (except for Hyuuga Hanabi and 4th Hokage Yondaime), do the following. At the game's main menu, hold down R1 and R2 together, and press Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle. Then, press and hold down together L1 and L2, pressing Right, Up, Right, Up. Finally, press L3 and R3 (analog sticks) together. If done correctly, a sound will chime, and the characters will be unlocked for use.
Unlockable Characters (More)
Here are more characters you can unlock in the game, along with the method each character can be unlocked.
Anbu Kakashi
Finish Ultimate Road
Anko Mitarashi
Beat her in Ultimate Road
Asuma Sarutobi
Beat him in Ultimate Road
Hanabi Hyuuga
Date her in Ultimate Road
Kurenai Yuhi
Beat her in Ultimate Road
Taijutsu Naruto
Finish Ultimate Road
The characters listed below can be unlocked by completing the missions listed in Story Mode.
Chapter 2, Mission 7
Chapter 1, Mission 2
Hoshigaki Kisame
Chapter 3, Mission 8
Chapter 3, Mission 9
Chapter 2, Mission 7
Momochi Zabuza
Chapter 1, Mission 3
Chapter 2, Mission 6
Chapter 2, Mission 6
Chapter 3, Mission 11
Chapter 2, Mission 7
Chapter 3, Mission 11
Uchiha Itachi
Chapter 3, Mission 9
Yakushi Kabuto
Chapter 3, Mission 10
Unlockable Multi-Player Characters
The following characters can be unlocked rather easily in VS. mode. To select the “special” character on the left, hold down the Select button while you select the normal character listed on the right.
Butterfly Chouji
Drunken style Lee
CS2 Jiroubou
CS2 Kidoumaru
CS2 Kimimaro
One-Tailed Naruto
CS2 Sakon
CS2 Sasuke
Shukaku Gaara (normal-sized)
CS2 Tayuya
Unlockable Hokages
To unlock the first and second hokages, answer all ten questions asked by Ebisu. The third hokage can be unlocked by defeating the Heroes History mode. To unlock the fourth hokage, unlock each character in the game.
To unlock the first and second hokages, do the following. First, select Ultimate Contest mode and complete it. Then, head to the academy and talk to Udon and Moegi, successfully completing their ten riddles. From there, go to Shushuya Restaurant. Here you will meet Ebisu. Answer his riddles like you did the earlier characters. When completed, the first and second hokages will be unlocked.
Unlockable Figurines
With the exception of the first figurine, which is unlocked using a password and an item found in the game, complete the S Mission listed in its entirety to unlock any given figurine.
Figurine #1
Insert the password Fire, Tiger, Dragon, Monkey (after acquiring the "Mystery Code" item)
Figurine #2
S Mission 1
Figurine #3
S Mission 2
Figurine #4
S Mission 3
Figurine #5
S Mission 4
Figurine #6
S Mission 5
Figurine #7
S Mission 6
Figurine #8
S Mission 7
Figurine #9
S Mission 8
Figurine #10
S Mission 9
Unlockable Secret Scrolls
To unlock the secret scrolls listed below, fulfill the requirement listed.
Chunin Exam Battle Arena
Hit the floating Kunai five times.
Forest of Death
Stand in front of the fish in the water for five seconds.
Hero's Memorial Shrine
Jump back and forth between the two tree branches in the background five times.
Hokage Monument
Destroy the four faces.
Ichiraku Ramen Shop
Destroy ten items in foreground and background.
Kazekage's Mansion
Hit the vending machine three times.
Kidoumaru's Spider Nest
Hit the small spiders in the foreground of the stage. Jump on the rope above and hit the spiders.
Kikyo Castle
Taunt five times while standing on a Fish Tail.
Konoha Forest
Stand sideways on a tree for five seconds.
Konoha Hot Springs
Stand on the middle tier of the building in the background for five seconds.
Moonlit Plains
Hit Sasuke's barrel five times.
Tanzaku Outskirts
Hit the snake in the face five times.
The Final Valley
Jump from Hokage Head to Hokage Head five times.
Top of Lookout Tower
Jump from Frog to Snake to Frog.
Training Field
Stand on water for five seconds.
Training Cliff
Knock your opponent off five times.
Village Of Sand
Hit boxes in the tornado five times.
Zabuza Battle Bridge
Knock your opponent into the water three times.
Zabuza's Hideout
Stay in the attic for five seconds.
Secret Bonus:
Have a saved game from Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 on your memory card to when starting a new game. A confirmation message will appear on the blank screen just before the loading screen and main menu appears, stating that you have earned 607 Ninja Info Cards and 50,000 Ryo.

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