Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2

Unlock all characetrs in USA version
     Go  to  Naruto's  house,  go to the input screen, then put in the
following password to unlock all characters.

Lightning-Snake-Rat-Dragon: Unlock all characters

Unlocking Extra S-Rank Missions
     Go to Naruto's Room. You will be able to input seals by selecting
one of 5 elements and then 3 different hand signs.

The Elements
Fire Wind Earth Water Thunder
The seals
1 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12

Thunder 5/10/1: Unlocks a S-Rank Mission Vs. Gai
Wind 12/5/4: Unlocks a S-Rank Mission Vs. Sasuke

Story Mode Character Unlocking

Haku:                    Beat Haku with Uchiha Sasuke in story 4.
Hatake Kakashi - ANBU:   Beat story 4.
Hoshigake Kisame:        Beat story 4.
Jiraiya:                 Beat Jiraiya with Uzumaki Naruto in story 1.
Momochi Zabuza:          Beat Momochi Zabuza with Jiraiya in story 4.
Orochimaru:              Beat story 4.
Orochimaru - Sealed:     Beat story 2.
Sandaime Hokage:         Beat Orochimaru with Sandaime Hokage in story 1.
Shizune:                 Beat Shizune with Tsunade in story 2.
Tsunade:                 Beat story 2.
Uchiha Itachi:           Beat story 4.
Uzumaki Naruto - Kyuubi: Beat story 4.
Yakushi Kabuto:          Beat story 3.

The Last 2 Hidden Characters
     After finishing the entire story mode (4 arcs), these can be done
at any time.

Hyuuga Hinata - Successor: 
     Speak  with Hyuuga Hiashi outside the arena. Then at the rooftop.
Then  speak with Hinata at the training grounds. Head to the arena and
beat Neji.

Uzumaki Naruto - Maito Suit: 
     Speak  with  Maito  Gai at the marketplace. Head to the next city
and  buy a Maito suit (100.000 mon). Head to the next screen and fight

Unlock Hint Scrolls

Hint Scroll #1: 
     Win the Tree Climbing game 3 times with times less than 1:20:00.

Hint Scroll #2: 
     Get 3 shutout victories in Lee's push-ups mini-game.

Hint Scroll #3: 
     Win Guy's Handstand Race 3 times with times less than 1:08:00

Hint Scroll #4: 
     Earn 3 perfect victories in Guy's Pose Challenge mini-game.

Hint Scroll #5: 
     Earn 3 perfect victories in the Shadow Possession Challenge 

Easter Egg: Fan Bonus
     Begin  a new game using a memory card that has a Naruto: Ultimate
Ninja  (1)  save file on it. You will receive 340 Ninja Info Cards and
50,000 Ryo as a bonus. 

     Go to Naruto's Room. You will be able to input seals by selecting
one of 5 elements and then 3 different hand signs.

The Elements
Fire Wind Earth Water Thunder

The seals
1 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12 

Code:                        Effect:
Wind 12/5/4                  Unlocks a S-Rank Mission Vs. Sasuke 
Thunder 5/10/1               Unlocks a S-Rank Mission Vs. Gai 
Fire-Rat-Dragon-Hare         Ninja Info Card (Tactics-157), 5000 ryo 
Fire-Rat-Dragon-Dog          1000 ryo 
Fire-Rat-Snake-Dragon        1000 ryo 
Fire-Ox-Tiger-Dog            Ninja Info Card (Jutsu-63) 
Fire-Ox-Hare-Hare            Ninja Info Card (Jutsu-86) 
Fire-Ox-Dog-Snake            Ninja Info Card (Tactics 46) 
Water-Rat-Rat-Monkey         1000 ryo 
Water-Rat-Monkey-Rooster     1000 ryo 
Water-Rat-Rooster-Boar       1000 ryo 
Water-Tiger-Dragon-Tiger     5000 ryo 
Water-Hare-Monkey-Monkey     1000 ryo 
Water-Snake-Rooster-Horse    5000 ryo 
Water-Horse-Rat-Ram          1000 ryo 
Water-Horse-Hare-Dragon      1000 ryo 
Water-Horse-Horse-Horse      1000 ryo 
Water-Ram-Horse-Dog          1000 ryo 
Water-Ram-Rooster-Monkey     1000 ryo 
Lightning-Snake-Rat-Dragon   Unlock all characters 
Earth-Snake-Snake-Snake      Get 1,000 Ryo 
Lightning-Rat-Ox-Tiger       Sexy Jutsu Ninja Info Card 
Wind - Dog, Monkey, Ram      Unlock "Fiery Duo's Challenge" - vs. Guy 
lightening-rat-rat-horse     Ninja Info card (tactics-87) 
Stone-Dragon-Rat-Dragon      Get Ninja card Tactics 66 and 1000 Ryo

Hint - Hidden Scrolls 

Chuunin Exam Stadium         Go through the hole three times.
Forest Of Death              A fish jumps out of the river randomly; 
                             strike it thrice for the scroll!
Hero's Memorial Stone        Hit the opponent's support character 
                             four times.
Hokage's Face                Jump onto the tree in the background 
                             ten times.
Ichiraku Ramen               Turn all the lanterns into red lanterns.
Kazekage's Place             Fetch three recovery items from 
                             the vending machine (foreground).
Kikyoujyou                   Stay on the tail of the fish for 
                             a count of 2 when the winds are active.
Konoha Forest                Destroy five trees in the foreground 
                             and five in the background.
Konoha Hot Springs           Destroy the wall partially; then stand 
                             on both of the revetments in the foreground 
                             and background.
Naruto Bridge                Remain standing on the boat for five beats.
Outer Tanzaku Gai            Strike the snake five times.
Sand Stage                   Destroy five objects inside the tornado.
Snow Stage                   Destroy ten objects appearing 
                             in the foreground and background.
Tanzaku gai                  Attack the slot machine eight times.
The Rainbow Icewall          Attack the opponent's support character 
                             five times.
Training grounds             Destroy eight objects in the foreground 
                             and background.
Watch Tower                  Go back and forth on the snake 
                             and the frog without touching the ground 
                             three times.
Zabuza's Secret Hideout      Stay in the small room above the space 
                             with the "background" area.

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