Midnight Club Racing

New hidden cars:
     Use  the  memory  card  save of Smuggler's run and possibly other
games of the same company, (ANGEL STUDIOS) to unlock hidden cars. Just
plug in the memory card and load game. The smugglers run dune buggy is

How to get on the ship:
     In New York, there is a blue spot on one of the edges of the map.
Go  on  the  curve  road and drive at around 100mph. Look for the blue
spot,  there will be a hole in a building and that's where you have to
go through to get on the ship.

Get Nitrous Boosts:
     In  order  to  geed the Nitrous boosts, you have to get the third
level  of  a  car. Once you have the third level car, for instance the
Last  Truck,  go  into a race. Then, click the horn button. You should
hear  a WHOOSH. (You get a limited supply, so use it wisely; around 5)
This  really  will  help  you  break  those neck-and-neck races on the

Hidden cars:
     The  two  cities reveal 4 hidden areas that open 4 cars. New York
Has 2 and London has 2.

     In  New York there is one jump that is near the Aircraft carrier.
Its  on  the  left  side  of  the road where there will be an overhead
walkway  if  you  continue straight from that walk way there will be a
ramp  that  will  take you through some glass into the second floor of
the  building.  Inside there is a red glowing light in the area. Drive
through  it  slowly  and  you will hear a door opening sound of a car.
This will open the taxi Merauder.

     In  London at the very beginning of the track look for a building
with  a  ramp in it. Hit that ramp at about 80mph you will land on top
of  a  building.  Stop  on that building and just to the left behind a
green  storage  box  there  will  be  another glowing red light. Drive
through  this  slowly until you hear the sound and it will open up the
Kuruma  first  power  car.  The  next  car  is release in the RockStar
building  in London. You must take this jump very slow at about 15 mph
and  aim  just to the right. Its very tight and very hard to see. This
will  open  the second power Kuruma car. The Rockstar building is Dark
Red  and  is located on the outerside of the river near the top of the
track  where  the river thins out.. There are 2 little circle roads in
this area.

Hidden cars:
     The  first  one  in  new  york  is by the aircraft carrier on the
second  floor  of  a building, you have to enter one building from the
highway  and  go  onto  a  ramp inside the building the ramp will wind
around,  you  have  to be doing about 65 mph when you hit the ramp and
aim  a little to the right and you will break some glass on the second
floor of the building and find the hidden car.

     The other hidden car in NY is by the point at the very top of the
map you have to wind around and hit a jump in the middle of a colosium
doing  about  90-110  mph.  you  will  launch  onto the top of another
building that has the re circle thing that gives you the hidden car.

     In  london  when  you  first  start out if you flip a 180 and aim
towards  the big lit sign and hit the jump under it doing about 90-100
mph you will launch onto the top of a building where the hidden car is
just find it.

     if  you  look  for  the  rockstar  building  (a  bid red circular
building)  there will be a ramp that leads up to a jump take this jump
doing  about 45 and vear to your right and you will see another hidden

     When  you  first  start  out  drive forward till you see some big
arches  go  through  them and turn left go straight and you will see a
capital  building launch off the jump right in front of it doing about
90-100  mph  and  aim your car for the glass you will break through it
and see the hidden car.

     I  do  know there are more hidden cars and i am looking for them.
If you beat the japanese chick at the end of the game it will give you
the diablo if you beat the british guy another time after you beat the
chinese chick you will gain the hover car (as i call it).

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