Madden NFL 09

Madden Cheat Codes
     At the Madden Code Screen just enter the code. Please use ALL 
capital letters. You can enter the codes at any time, before the game, 
during a franchise or whenever.

GCHTBE: Coffin Corner -- causes your punts to go out of bounds 
        inside the 10 yard line

PZS0TB  (it is a zero not an "O"): Human Plow -- increases your ability 
        to break tackles by 75% for 1 game

7WWFMD: Lame Duck -- causes your opponent's QB to throw lob passes 
        for 1 game

FDJ0SW  (it is a zero not an "O"): Penetration -- increases you defensive 
        line penetration by 75% for 1 game

ZUJ7J7: Pocket Protectors -- increases your offensive line's pass 
        protection by 75% for 1 game

F8571G: Quarter Back on Target -- QB hits target every time

Game Hints From EA

     1.  When  a  defense  looks prepared for your current play, use a
quick audible to regain the upper hand.

     2.  While  playing  through the Madden Test, be patient. Hurrying
through the drills will cause your Madden IQ to suffer.

     3. Use Formation Subs in certain situations to bring a new player
into  the  game.  That backup player just might have the skills needed
for the current play.

     4.  Playing  Superstar  as a Tight End gives you the best of both
worlds, allowing you to play as a Lineman and a Wide Receiver.

     5.  It's a good idea to use your EA Rewinds like timeouts, saving
them for crucial situations.

     6. Enter into endzone hotspots to trigger special player celebrations.

     7.  Calling  a  short yard FB run play with a backup RB is a good
way to increase the odds that yards will be gained.

     8.  Read  the Madden Moment description carefully, sometimes a FG
is good enough to complete the Moment.

     9.  Remember to utilize the Field Goal Block Return play whenever
a long FG is attempted.

     10. Importing your Fantasy Football Team from your Fantasy League
gives you the chance to test your teamтАЩs mettle on the field.

     11. Use the stiff arm special move to break more tackles with the
ball carrier.

     12. Using an All Madden or Fantasy Drafted created team will give
you the advantage when playing in Franchise or against a friend. 

     13.  When punting is not an option, use the QB Sneak play to push
for those last couple of yards in short yardage situations.

     14.  When  a play doesn't go the way you planned, don't hesitate.
Use EA Rewind to try it over again.

     15.  Utilize  the  Player  HUB  to see what part of the game your
friends are currently playing in.

     16.  Use  the  Player  HUB to send game invites as well as Online
league invites.

     17. Talk is cheap. Create custom Online Leagues with your friends
to see who is truly the best at Madden.

     18. Use EA Sports World to help track your accomplishments in all
game modes.

     19.  When  playing multi-player games, make sure to use the Bluff
Play  selection to hide from your opponent which play you are about to

     20. Create new offensive and defensive plays in NFL Head Coach 09
and import them into Madden. Your opponent won't know what to expect!

     21.  Take  advantage  of  the new tackle breaking system. Press a
button or move the highlight stick while getting tackled to attempt to
break out of it.

     22.  New to Madden? No problem. Use the Beginner Game Style for a
simplified Madden experience.

     23.  Madden  knows  how  good  you  are.  When you finish a game,
advance to the Virtual Trainer to improve your weaknesses.

     24. Longing for the days of Maddens past? Play Madden 93 with the
20th Anniversary Collector's Edition.

     25.  Pause  no  more! Access Instant Replay, Challenge Plays, and
view stats without ever leaving the playcall screen.

Unlock Teams
     Play Fantasy Challenge mode to unlock the following teams.

AFC All Star: Beat them at the Supreme League or buy their card

Decievers: Beat them at the Supreme League

Dummies: Beat them at the Supreme League

Glaciers: Beat them at the Supreme League

Kickers: Beat them at the Newbie League

Manipulators: Beat them at the Black and Blue League

Monsters: Beat them at the Powerhouse League

NFC All Star: Beat them at the Supreme League or buy their card

Tridents: Beat them at the Supreme League

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