Kingdom Hearts 2

Secret Ending
     Just like Kingdom Hearts I and Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, Kingdom
Hearts  II has a special secret movie that can be viewed at the end of
the game, after the credits roll.

Unlockable:             How to Unlock:
In "Beginner" mode      you can't unlock it at all.
In "Proud" mode         you need only fully complete all worlds.
In "Standard" mode      you must fully compelte all the worlds 
                        and Jiminy's Journal to unlock it.

     At  various  points  throughout  the  game,  you  will  be  given
Keychains, which allow you to give the Keyblade new forms and powers.

Unlockable:             How to Unlock:
Bond of Flames          Complete the fight with Axel in Twilight Town.
Circle of Life          Speak to Simba after arriving at The Pride Lands.
Fenrir                  Defeat Sephiroth, the optional boss 
                        at Hollow Bastion.
Follow the Wind	        Defeat Barbossa at Port Royal.
Guardian Soul           Defeat Hades in the 'Underworld' section 
                        of Olympus Coliseum.
Gullwing                Speak to Yuna after completing the above.
Heros Crest             Defeat the Hydra at Olympus Coliseum.
Hidden Dragon           Defeat Shan-Yu in The Land of Dragons.
Holy Pumpkin            Defeat the Test Subject in Halloween Town.
Monochrome              Defeat Pete at Timeless River.
Oathkeeper              Complete Sora's first visit to Twilight Town.
Oblivion                Defeat Xigbar in The World that Never Was.
Photon Debugger         Complete Space Paranoids.
Rumbling Rose           Speak to Beast after returning to Beast's Castle.
Sleeping Lion           Go to Ansem's study in Hollow Bastion.
Star Seeker             Obtain Valor Form at The Mysterious Tower.
Sweet Memory            Complete the 'Spooky Cave' Mini-Game 
                        in The Hundred-Acre Wood.
Ultima Weapon           Obtain the Ultima Recipe 
                        in the basement of the mansion in Twilight Town. 
                        After that, you may use the Moogle Shops 
                        to synthesize the keychain.
Wisher's Lamp           Defeat Jafar in Agrabah.
Wonders of the Abyss    Complete Chapter 4 of Atlantica.

Unlockable Cups

Unlockable:                         How to Unlock:
Unlock Cerberus Cup                 Clear Agrabah, Halloween, 
                                    and Pride Land for the first time
Unlock Goddess of Fate Cup          Clear previous cups and beat 
                                    the first fight with Xemnas
Unlock Pain and Panic Cup           Clear Disney Castle for the first time
Unlock Paradox Cups: Cerberus Cup   Except Final Form, Form levels 
                                    must be at Lv. 5 and must unlock 
                                    Paradox Cup: Pain and Panic
Unlock Paradox Cups: Hades Cup	    Clear all the previous cups, 
                                    clear Space Paranoids 
                                    for the cecond time, 
                                    and have ALL forms 
                                    and summons at Lv. 7
Unlock Paradox Cups: Pain and Panic Clear all the previous cups
Unlock Paradox Cups: Titan Cup	    Summon level should be at Lv. 5 
                                    and have the Paradox: Cup Pain 
                                    and Panic unlock
Unlock Titan Cup                    Clear Olympus Coliseum 
                                    for the second time

Unlockable Summons

Unlockable:             How to Unlock:
Chicken Little          In the 100 Acre Wood, 
                        after the world's second cutscene.
Genie Defeat            Volcano Lord and Blizzard Lord.
Peter Pan               In the ship grevayard in the second visit 
                        to Port Royal.
Stitch                  In the hallway to the computer room 
                        in Hollow Bastion, after you get Master Form.

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