Kingdom Hearts

Unlock alternate ending:
     Finish  the  game  with all keyholes, 99 Dalmatians and the Hades
Cup completed to unlock an alternate ending.

     In  the  first  world wich is the island were the character lives
talk  to  everyone  in  the island one time only then save. After that
fight  with  the other kid then riku after that you can go to a saving
point were you will go to the chipp ship. After that all of the worlds
are available.

     In the beginning of the game you are on destiny islands. When you
see  a  thunder  storm and run outside there will be heartless. Do not
try  to  attack  them  they will not go away. (your sword is too weak)
Instead  go  in the shack and across the bridge there you will recieve
your  keyblade.  (this  will  help  you  not lose your life so you can
defeat the heartless later and take on the big black thing)

     With  the  white  mushrooms,  in order to get the spell arts, you
must  cast a certain magic 3 times with the same magic however they do
not  have  to  be  in a row so wait for the mushrooms to move into the
same pose.

Shivering/Fire magic
Squatting or sweating/Blizzard magic
Light above head/Thunder magic
Spins/Aero magic
Floats off the ground/Gravity magic
Falls on the ground/Cure magic
Stops completely/Stop magic

     If  you  need  mystery  goo  and your not very good with the rare
truffles  (which  you  have to knock into the air) the white mushrooms
drop mystery goo along with the spell arts.

Easy mystery goo and items:
     Go  to  halloween town, and go to the bridge area. There might be
rare  truffles  there. If there are, go down into the water, and go to
the  far  right  side  of  the screen. There should be one there. Cast
aeroga  or aeroa and knock it over to one of the hills. Just sit there
while  the  sheild  hits  it up in the air, and recast aeroa or aeroga
until you have hit it in the air 100 times.

Misc. hints:
     The  enemies in the colosseum will not drop items so don't bother

     During  the  fight with Riku 2 at Hollow Bastion, use the Olympia
keyblade for some reason this makes the figt easier

     While  fighting  Cerberus  don't  take  him  head  on its suicide
instead  lock  on to a side head and show him what the keyblade's made

     While  fighting the ice titan you must hit the shards he spits at
you  back at him however if you use aero magic the chunks get huge and
impossible to hit back at him

     While fighting the dragon at hollow bastion use the beast instead
of  goofy, abilities must at least be strike raid and ars arcanum then
cast tinker bell, customize your slots with aero magic and cure magic,
jump  on  the back of the dragon (by way of the tail) and stand at the
bease of the neck, use strike raid, also have many ethers for quick mp

     In the beginning of the game you are on destiny islands, to level
up  easily  fight  wakka and knock the blitzball back at him this give
you a tech pt and gets you closer to leveling up.

     At  the  beginning  of  the game you are faced with some choices,
picking  the  sword  and  sacrificing the staff you are improving your
strength  but  depleteing  your  mp count. Sheid/Defense; Staff/Magic;

     The  questions  you are asked the first answers make you level up
at  a  fast  pace  the  second  answers medium and the third slow. For
instance a being the first a makes you level up fastest. It is done by
majority so the most you pick thats what your gonna get.

     When  you  fight  the  dragon  in hollow bastion, there is a root
along the wall that you can hide behind, it will block you from almost
all  of the dragons attacks, so let your party members do all the work
and then just come back to finish it off.

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