Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Aragog the Spider
     Another  tough  boss  is  Aragog  the Spider. Don't attack Aragog
right  away,  first  use  Incendio to burn the web. Once you've burned
enough  webbing,  Aragog  will  drop into the pit. In the pit, you can
only  hurt  Aragog's soft belly. Dodge attacks and run around until it
rears  up  -  then blast it with second level spells. Use quick shots,
don't  stand  still  long  enough  to charge up. Hedwig drops sacks of
power  ups  to help you. Use Flipendo to knock them out of the webbing
so  you  can grab them. If that doesn't work, try using a giant can of
bug spray!

Beat the Whomping Willow
     When  the  Whomping  Willow pounds the ground, hide in the corner
where  you  entered  the  lair. When it stops pounding, lock on to the
limbs  and hit them quickly. Then lock onto the Willow's eye and blast
it  until  your  attacks  stop  damaging it. Watch for Hedwig dropping
Cauldron  Cakes  and  Beans to help you out. That should help you beat
the Whomping Willow.

Personal Requests And Notice Board
     The  Notice  Board  in the Gryffondor common room usually gives a
location,  but  higher  up  as  you near completion they start to give
vague  clues,  such  as  "Could be anywhere on grounds". With personal
requests,  they  do  not ever really give you a clue, except the first
one.  However,  the items are near the area in about a two acre search

Finding Lost Items
     When  in doubt, check Hagrid's Hut. Many of the lost items end up

Fighting With Expelliarmus
     When  in one of the few battles with Hogwart's students (just the
Slytherin  Gang,  all others leave you alone), let them make the first
shot  and  bounce  it  back.  Just as you do, use your Flapendo with a
quarter  to  half second charge to knock them back, thus trapping them
with  two  spells  to  knock  back, which they can never manage. Note:
Beware,  just  as you finish casting Flapendo (depending on distance),
you will be forced to use your Expelliarmus almost instantly.

Expelliarmus Challenge
     Use  your spell that cuts down tapestries and ropes on the spiked
ball.  Walk up close to the edge and hold your trigger button (default
R1), charge up for a half second and cast. Note: If you throw the imps
into  the fiery pits, they will die and you do not have to worry about
them.  Likewise,  if  you throw them all away you cannot put them into
the  cages to get out; but when all are indeed gone, they respawn from
that hatch in the wall at the first ramp.

Easy Points
     In  the  Chamber  Of  Secrets, destroy paintings on the wall. You
will  open  the  painting  and  get  100  points for Gryffindor. After
returning  from  the  Whomping  Willow,  head  deep to your right when
Professor  Snape  finishes  scolding you. There, in a corner, you will
find  your  first  Notice  Board Item. You can return it to the Notice
Board  before  or  after you go to the Restroom Shop the Weasley's set
up,  earning  you the very first 10 points in the game, and possibly a
Wizards Card.

Free Sickles In Diagon Alley
     Once you have collected your Standard Book of Spells (Grade 2) in
Diagon  Alley, cast Flippendo to break barrels and find Sickles to buy
other  things  in the shops. There are 3 places where you can do this,
and return 3 to 4 times after going into a shop.

Get Nimbus 2000 Broomstick
     On  the  second day of school go to Quidditch practice. Get a "B"
or  better  to  get Nimbus 2000. Now you can fly around anytime during
the day, exept in the school. You can only land on grass.

Beat Proffeser Quirrel
     After  you've  gotten  past Fluffy, The Devil's Snare, The Winged
Keys,  Beat  the  Giant  Chess set and gotten Past the moving potions.
When proffeser Quirrel is standing on the balcony go into the door and
let him talk when he is finished talking enter the super jump code get
the four chocolate frogs and go into the next room.

Quick Wizard Cards
     You  can  find  fast  wizard cards in the Burrow and Diagon Ally.
Look  for  chests. And a very fast way is doin Neville's games. Mostly
Broom  racing.  It  costs  beans  for  Racing and Gnome Tossing but it
doesn't for Gnome Dunking.

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Как найти комнату с дополнительными сокровищами. Когда на второй день в Хогвартсе у вас появиться метла, вы можете поговорить с разными учениками, которых можно найти на территории Хогвартса (на улице). Они дают вам задание и после каждого пройденного поручения говорят об ещё одном ученике, нуждающемся в вашей помощи. Последний даёт ключ к этой комнате. Он объяснит, как туда пройти. Там вы найдёте сумку, где может уместиться 200 бобов разом и 6 карточек известных волшебниц и волшебников.

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