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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Автор: Tree
This game rocks, as expected. It has everything from Vice City multiplied by 4. Endless city & countryside. RPG style of leveling up stats. Bicycles, construction equipment, swimming & more. Lots of mini-games, shopping for new clothes & starting gang wars throughout the city. Gratuitous violence & swearing galore! The only bad thing is, all the ebonics. If you are not careful, you could end up talking ghetto after playing this game too long, homies.

Автор: david
Well, basically if you haven't got it, what are you waiting for? It is the greatest game in the history of games! There maybe too many black people, as in it's not as racially varied as in "Vice City", but the game still has the same action, same weapons and even better game play, even though sometimes some of the buildings can get a little boring. But over all, this is a great and unmissable game!

Автор: CJ
This is the best game in history, there isn't a single thing I could say that's negative about this game! Anyone that doesn't own this game either needs to get it immediately or can be very boring and not own it! Gore, violence and swearing galore in this game. The creators have also really gone into detail with the graphics this time as well!

Автор: Elf
"Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" is a killer. If you look back at "Vice City", you'd laugh. This game is all of it and more. The fact that you can earn dual weapons, choose your own clothes, swim under water and touch sharks amazes me! Can't miss this game, it's unavoidable!

Автор: Spam
Before my friend let me borrow San Andreas, I personally thought 3 was their best. But I do have to admit it is "VERY" life like. The smog (in the cities), seeing the heat waves in the air and on the cement, having to eat (yes, you have to eat), & etc... I really do say it is worth your money to get this game. If you have the means, I ABSOLUTELY recommend it.

Автор: Top Kat
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is simply one of the best games I have ever played. How much they have improved the game from Vice City is astonishing. What I love about it is that even after you beat it a couple of times you still want to go back and play it if just for the sheer pleasure of killing some cops. Thanks Rockstar, for making the game I use to dream of one I was young! I can't wait to see what Rockstar has inshore for the PS3!

Автор: John Doe
This game is one of the best games I have ever played. It has so much more to do and has a lot more missions than "Vice City". I like the fact that you can pimp your car, build up your muscles and have massive gang wars. The best thing about this game is it is harder than the last two Grand Theft Auto games.

Автор: Marshall
This is one of the best games I have ever played. I have no clue how to put it into words. I'll just say I think it's a game everyone should play!

Автор: BlaquePrincess
Oh, my god! Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is amazing! Yes, it's ridiculously hard, but it is so much better that Vice City. The soundtrack is kick ass and the game play.. oh Lord, don't make me get started. It so interactive, like what you're going to eat to what you're going to wear. If you're gonna have muscle or if your going to remain skinny. It's just amazing. And I love the fact you actually have girlfriends in this one. I love you Rockstar! And I think the people at the Video game awards this year is out of their MINDS for not giving you the Game of the Year Award.

Автор: Cody
When I got this game for Christmas, I looked on the back and I thought, 'This looks so stupid', but then when I played it - WOW! It was so cool and awesome! I mean you could play it for hours and not ever get tired of it, REALLY! But first before you play any other game look at this one, it's the best, it's just WOW! Remember Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, it's better than 'Vice City'!

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