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Gallop Racer 2003: A New Breed cheats, tips and tricks

Author: JayhoEffect
To have good chances on winning a race you should have the lead at the last 2 furlong mark. It does not matter what kind of leg type your horse has just as long you are leading at the last 2 furlong mark with all guns blazing. Think of the 2 furlong mark as your finish line and continue to urge your horse from there up to the finish line. This works well with horses who come from behind.

Author: dogtic
I have been playing Gallop Racer 2003: A New Breed for a long time. I was actually looking for some advice, but there is none out there. So, here is some for you.
  1. Get out of the gate clean and fast by pressing the x button when the meter is straight up and down.
  2. Depending on where your horse likes to run, find the area and get to the rail as quickly as possible.
  3. Don't fool with your horse during most of the race. You may need to tap up every once in a while if your horse slows down. Keep the meter in the middle of the blue for 90% of the race.
  4. Whip your horse around the 2 furlong mark maybe a little before. Hammer down on the d pad by pressing it in unison with the gallop.
  5. If you have a great horse, run the hell out of him. 12 gold wins in one year will get you the "Iron Horse". I have received every horse title except for the title to the right of Iron horse.
  6. Have fun!

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