Fight Club

Unlock Characters

Fred - Beat arcade mode with any character
Halo - Beat arcade mode with Fred
Chester - Win 15 matches in survival
Abe Lincoln - Beat arcade mode with all characters

Unlock Movies
     Successfully  complete  the  game  in  arcade  mode  with various
characters to unlock movies.

Alternate costumes
     Press [X] when choosing a fighter at the selection screen.

Break bones
     Get  your  opponent's  life  to a certain point (red zone). Then,
press [Down]+[A]+[X] or [Up]+[X]+[Y]. This is useful when your goal is
to break that person's arm.

Break leg
     In  order  to  break your opponent's leg, he must be one hit away
from defeat. Then, press [Right]+[B]+[Y].

Easy wins
     As  soon  as your opponent gets back on his feet, execute a punch
combo.  You only have a small amount of time to hit him when he is not
blocking  you.  Kicks do not work as well, as they usually duck faster
and  can sweep you on the ground. A good combo would be [X], [Y], [X],

Faster CDP gain
     Survival  mode  allows you to gain 1,000 CDP points on your first
victory,  and  it  increases by 250 points with each win. However, the
more fights you win, the tougher your enemy becomes.

Opponent fighting styles
     A  martial  artist  is a fast punch and kicker. Brawlers do heavy
damage with grapples, but are very slow at punching/kicking. The other
types  are a mix of these two and have respective differences, such as
heavy punch/kicks but slow punch/kicks, etc.

Unlockable Movies
     Complete arcade mode.

Easter Eggs: Skeleton Character
     Start  a  new  game in story mode and make your name "Skeleton" -
your character will be a skeleton.

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