Unlimited Stat Pumping:
     To  do  this with Sharline, you have to find a plant critter that
appears  near the first crystal she sees. Kill this critter and it not
only drops a Blue Fruit every time but also some money. The Blue Fruit
allows  you  to  spread five points among your stats. Walk through the
crystal  to  the  shop. This will reset the screen with the critter in
it.  Now  when  you return the same critter will be there, and killing
him again will get you a fruit.

     Darius  is  a  little harder to do this with. He has at least one
similar  spot  (that I have found), but requires more work to get pull
off.  In  the  upper  shrine, in the far east corridor there is a Rock
Golem.  Killing  him  seems  to drop a Red Fruit (twice as good as the
Blue) each time he's killed. You still have to reset the screen with a
visit  to  the  shop, which this time is far away, but it can be done.
The  limit to stat increases from fruit is 200 for each. Darius' early
Blue Fruit creature is the Paraday near the fountain.

     Darius  has  a  similar  place  at  the  beginning. Walk past the
archway (next to the first savepoint and kill the dragonfly mutant. It
drops  a  blue fruit and you can reset it by doing the shop trick. The
dragonfly  comes to you sometimes if you just stand at the entrance. A
good way to start the game fully pumped/equipped.

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